Vampyre's Kiss #1 Aircel Comics, Jul 1990, b&w, Adult.
1 Vampyre's Kiss #1 cover Creator, Writer, Artist: Barry Blair
SoˇHi, an Oriental with a head rag, a black leather jacket, boots, fingerless gloves, and a tanktop returns to a long faced, young looking boy called Jeff who wears a brim cap, a jacket with hood and tells him he did good: he had a big tipper. SoˇHi tells him that people like white bread on the East Side. A female with black hair and skin tight one piece and cape tells them she is new in town and looking for friends. Jeff tells SoˇHi he will handle this. She calls Jeff, "My beauty," and tells him to call her Bianca. She puts her hand down his pants. She kisses him. They leave SoˇHi in the alley, Jeff telling him, "Wait here, SoˇHi." He says, "I...I wanted to go too."
TRANSYLVANIA 1945ˇErnest is told by Heinrich the Russian bullet has ended his life. Heinrich tells him to go warn the others. A young soldier boy with blond hair and a helmet almost shoots him. He reports to Capt. Steiner. They refer to and talk about a naked woman in a coffin, the Fuhrer's latest project.
Connie, a blond girl comes to SoˇHi and tells him he looks spaced. He tells her about the beautiful woman. A big black guy, Yusef, is with Connie. Connie is mad, "Blast, if he's giving freebies." They go down the alley and find Jeff...a sucked out husk whose head falls off. Two men on the street see Bianca. One takes her to a hotel. She comments that if she told him where she has been all his life, he wouldn't believe her. Sergeant Baker arrives. Connie is angry that her Jeff has been turned into dog meat. Connie tells him SoˇHi knew it was Jeff. He says, "So I'm supposed to believe some little street whore, high on crack." Connie tells him he knows her kids don't take drugs. Connie tells him to piss on it, she tells Yusef and SoˇHi they will find the slut. Bianca is with the man.
TRANSYLVANIA 1945ˇBianca awakes, back with the living. The Russians are coming closer. The young boy soldier tells the captain they must leave. Bianca, naked bares her fangs as she hugs him, "What a charming young man."
The man in the hotel room is left a dead, dried husk, "You were good." Lightning hits and soon a storm will come. Connie looks up, "What else can happen?" They spot Bianca coming down the steps ofthe hotel. They run at her but she looks at them with intense stares. This makes SoˇHi pull up his shirt and she has sex with him while Yusef has sex with Connie. Realizing this, they get up and give chase to her before she can get away, SoˇHi's shirt half up. Connie is shirt less now. SoˇHi has a Yin Yang on the back of his leather jacket. A bald man, Brad and his boys, block them, Brad tripping Connie. Bianca tells her she would like to play with her but is in a bit of a hurry. The boys are hers and they will hurt her if she doesn't stay away. Connie tells her she killed Jeff, "I'm going to..." Bianca does things to Connie, " nothing slut. You don't want to make me mad." SoˇHi and Yusef take Connie as the vampire girl and her boys leave.