Vampyre's Kiss #2 Aircel, Jul 1990, b&w, Adult.
1 Vampyre's Kiss #2 cover Connie, SoˇHi, and a light skinned black boy with dreadlocks named SnapˇDragon are naked and in water underground. Her workers were all over 18, appearing young. The clients like them young but the police didn't. Her gang, age wise, was legal. Young looking streeters were hard to find, especially ones with talent and those who retained their looks would avoid the rough trade. Jeff lived her in the river Warren, Connie goes in, "We lived, ate, worked, and slept together." They are here now to let Jeff's force, held within them, free. "With love, we release him," Connie says goodbye, brother." Baker shows up, commenting that it was very touching. He also asks, "You and your whores into occult now?" Connie tells him they can't stop what he believes but he can't stop them. Baker tells her not til he collars her with an illegal street bird. She tells him he knows all of her pack are legal age. Baker tells her he was lookin out for her safety since anybody could sneak up on them while she and her two bugger boys were cavorting about in the water. He turns to see the black bodyguard Yusef, "Oh." Connie calls this black guy Ahmed not Yusef so either he is a different character or his last and first name are either Yusef and Ahmed or...well, you get the idea. Connie orders Ahmed to toss Baker into the water. Baker tells her he believes her about her kid's death. 12 more young men showed up in the same condition. He suspects a cult not "Tinkerbell's" vampire. Baker can't understand how her group can figure out what is unusual. SoˇHi, who looks even more Oriental this issue, says, "I hate that guy." Connie does to but tells them they have to keep an eye out when they are hustling. In an unused subway tunnel, Bianca is having a good time. The training, the pain, the spells have formed her pack into a pack of wolves, disciplined to do her bidding now. Port Authority Bus Terminal: SoˇHi is in a black leather jacket, shorts, and sneakers, nothing else. SnapˇDragon is in a bomber type jacket, a ridged short cut shirt and shorts with a tie rope. SnapˇDragon has found some action, Connie will be pleased. The cops haven't hassled SoˇHi at all. SoˇHi figures they are the bait for the killer. Three weirdos in robes seem to surround a boy with a pocket book carrying case and pants. They have been hitting on every guy between 18 to 20. SoˇHi sends Snap Dragon to get Connie while he watches. SoˇHi watches as ("Bingo, they scored another kid. That makes two now.") There are two blond kids with the robed figures. SoˇHi thinks as it reminds him of when he showed up here with no money, no food, no home. Connie found him and treated him good. SoˇHi follows as they lead the kids off the subway entrance. Ahmed's off lookin after the others so Connie and Snap go after SoˇHi. A cop, stakeout number 3 calls Baker as Connie and Snap go after another monkˇˇwho hits her and runs. SoˇHi hides as many robed figures surround the vampire girl in a bedroom underground with candles and torches. There is a blond girl there with Bianca. both naked. She has the two blond boys tied with their arms behind a thick pipe...around 20 years old was perfect: virile, strong, at the height of their sexuality. She makes it last and tells the blond boys they both lasted a long time. A monk finds SoˇHi watching & calls him Bianca's next snack.