Vampyre's Kiss #3 Aircel, Aug 1990, b&w, Adult.
1 Vampyre's Kiss #3 cover Jethell, a long haired blond girl; SnapˇDragon (in loin cloth, strap across chest and rib, open jacket over him), Ahmed and a taller blond teen with more muscles than Snap but less than Ahmed and wearing a head rag are in the tunnel with Connie who wears a cross, loin cloth, and leather jacket. Snap worries that Connie says SoˇHi's name with Jeff'sˇˇas if she thinks SoˇHi is also dead. A smiling large man is on a ledge above them. Connie knows him, "It's been a long time." Baker & a cop search Connie's one room which has a cot on the floor & a candle on a box. The cop asks who cares about a bunch of street whores and their pimp. Baker says, "I guess I do. She looks after those kids...keeps them as safe as she can." A fat Sumo like man in loin cloth sits with his legs crossed as much as possible. He has a pony tail tied sticking up. He is the Oracle and must contemplate, "Perhaps one of your tribe would aid me in letting my creative juices flow?" Snap moves at him, "I will..." Jethell tells him to let her, she is good at it. The vampire lives off the life forces of those she can control, controlling them with lust and she feeds on fear. Connie says, "I want SoˇHi back." Snap has his eyes closed and head tilted. Oracle can give them a map. SoˇHi's entire being screamed in torment. The boy is tied, back down, over a giant skull altar, ropes holding his ankles and strung around the skull, wrists in similar bondage, his head hanging over the side of one part of the skull, Bianca on top of him, "You're good, little whore. Your mistress taught you well. I'll keep you a long time before I drain you." Robed men take him away. They toss his naked body into a cell where he meets two blond males one of whom has only a small wisp of chest hair. They have been here for weeks. "She likes us. It''s horrible," one tells him. SoˇHi says, "She likes me too." Connie and Snap climb down a small cliff into more water. A robed man comes at them with a knife, Snap turning just in time. Connie kicks him but is pushed against the wall. Snap grabs him from behind, "Help, you guys!" The robed one pushes Snap down. Ahmed punches the robed man out. Naked, SoˇHi calls, "Snapdragon!" Snap asks, "SoˇHi? SoˇHi!!" He is happy to see him. Outside perched on a roof of a high building, Bianca plans but senses someone is after her private stash of slaves. Her fangs come out. Suddenly, the three naked boys go stiff. One blond starts to choke Snap, emitting more than anger. Ahmed grabs his arms around SoˇHi and takes him out. Connie and Snap will lead the others off. Connie doesn't want to hurt the boys but Snap doesn't want to get lost down here. They stop short of a pit with ladder rungs. One blond runs at them and falls off, a fall which ends in a dark splat. Connie says, "Grab the other one!" Snap tries to but the naked blond hits him full. Connie grabs the naked blond around the waist, leaning over. The blond has Snap who is holding onto him around the chest and waist. Bianca arrives, "You found me disposal chute. Have a look below while I dredge up old memories." Below, the blond boy is alive sitting against the wall, in water. Skeleton like faces of zombie creatures move up at him and skeletal handsˇflesh hanging off some, start to move along his sides and body. He arches his back. Bianca moves off, "Well, slut...I guess I'll have to leave you to your fate."