Vampyre's Kiss #4 Aircel, Sep 1990, b&w, Adult.
1 Vampyre's Kiss #4 cover Snapdragon began to panic as he realized he may never see his 20th birthday. The guy under Snap is still fighting him, under the vampire's power. Snap has one eye closed as he struggles to hold on. The things in the pit are finished with the slave blond boy and one pulls Snap's foot and he falls into the pit. Snap lands and an eye pops out of the mess of monsters. Connie jumps after him, "Snap!!" Using a bone she finds off one of them, she fights toward Snap. The things pull her jacket off and try biting herˇˇthey seem like they were once humans. She brains one zombie with the bone just as it is at Snap, who has lost his jacket also and his strap. She finds a small square door (hey, why couldn't the others get out that wayˇˇstill hypnotized maybe?). Connie tells Snap, "They'll be busy with the other slave for awhile." They have the other slave cornered, pointy finger nails moving at him. Something in young men make Bianca stronger. Snap and Connie crawl through the tunnel. Bianca orders her loyal servants to bring her more victims and slaves. At Connie's squat, the blond guy of Connie's and Jethell find SoˇHi is still in a trance, lying on the cot and naked. Jethell has never done what needs to be done to SoˇHi for free, "I don't want to make it a habit." The blond fresh faced guy, laughs, "Heh...right! Connie's whores have a reputation." SoˇHi moans silently but comes out of the trance. Baker arrives, "Don't you people do anything else?" Jethell says, "Just keepin' in practice, Sarge." SoˇHi says, "Yeah, besides we're all over 18, you know that." Baker asks them to tell him the whole story. Snap is very hot down in the tunnel. Snap sits, hoping they get to see the buildings above again, looking sad. Connie asks, "Snapdragon, are getting chicken on me?" which should be, "Snapdragon, are you getting chicken on me?" Snap tells her when he ran away from home and came to NY, he was scared, then she found him. The unknown freaks him out. She makes him feel better, reaching under his skimpy loin cloth, which soon is just a rope across his belly. "You and the others are family to me. I'm happy again," Snap tells her, "Then this vampire came, killing our family. Now look at us down here, hiding from it." She tells him they are hunting. Snap snaps (his loin cloth seemingly off) and then his eyes look weary, relieved. She gets up as they hear voices, "C'mon!" Bianca has three naked young blonds making her feel better, liking her power. One blond man has a bit of chest hair. Her destiny is to rule. It is so easy to control a small number of slaves. Her will immobilizes them, her gaze, then the venom. She moves at one's neck and makes him feel better. She embraces one in her cape and makes him pop. She has total control and licks her glove. Then she knees one or the same one in between his legs. He goes wide eyed. She will soon have enough venom to control the whole city. The naked boy is bent over on his knees and elbows. She kicks him off a high cliff into a smokey area (?). She will mix her venom with the city's water supply and create an army of willing slaves. The other two blond teens watch her go, one putshis arm on the other's shoulder. She plans to be invincible. A voice says, "Yea..but you'll still be a moron." Bianca is surprised, "What!?" Connie comes jumping at her, totally naked, not even her loin cloth on. She has a long pipe which she hits over Bianca's head. Bianca stands there, looking at Connie, "Ow." She punches a fist into Connie and knocks her down, "Resourceful slut, aren't you?" Bianca tells the two blond men to kill Connie, who is on the floor and gets more than a good look at them. Before they can touch her, SnapˇDragon jumps out, sideways, and body slams into one and hits that one into the other one. His loin cloth is back on. Bianca tells her this is becoming tiresome. She cannot be beaten in her own domain. Connie knows Bianca cannot die. Snap and Connie twisted a few valves. Connie has lived in the city long enough to know that if you screw around with enough steam pipes, you can cause a serious, explosion." She says explosion just as one rips them up in the air. Snap hold onto a pipe, telling Connie, his hips bare, that the water pipes have ruptured. Connie tells him she knows, "The bitch's whole place and her followers will be swept away." Snap asks, "Like us?" Water grabs them up and sweeps them away. Connie tells him, "Hang on!!" The blond whore (or is he a cop undercover or something?) thinks he's heard an explosion. Baker says, "Just shut up and keep your eyes open." The blond innocently says, "Sure thing, Sarge." SoˇHi says, "What a grouch!" Baker thinks he sees the vampire. It is Connie reaching up, "Will you dummies stop gaping and give us a hand!" Snap has one piece of hair over his nose and middle of his face. Baker looks a bit younger in this issue. The last frame is Yusef (or is it Ahmed?), SoHi (with a hand on Snap's bare shoulder, Snap smiling), the blond with a hand on Connie's shoulder, Jethell in her short shirt, and Baker, saying, "Connie!!" Beneath them the vampire's mean looking eyes watch!