Vampyre's Kiss book 2 #1
Aircel, Dec 1990, b&w, Adult.
1 Vampyre's Kiss book 2 #1 cover Bjorn Lastradd, a light haired male, readies a bow and arrow, hunting the vampire female. Rodents around her shake and quiver. She senses two sparks, not pure, not virgin, but alive. Human, helpless. She seemingly flies at them. Bill and Ted had a rough day, even with their recent partnership. One collected all the cans and another cashed them in. Now they enough to drink and smoke cigars. They felt something slowly peeling the layers of their abused sanity. An apparition from hell: clawed, fanged with pointed teeth in between, slanted eyes without pupils, hair streaming. Bill and Ted witness things no human was meant to see. A bottle crashes. Bill and Ted were scared to death. The vampire cape rises over them, the head horned, hairy. In her sexy costume, the vampire soaks in the sensation of fear. A baby cries. A dog barks. A car alarm sounds. A siren. An arrow goes through her body near her upper shoulder, near her heart. Crimson droplets of blood, collected from a 1000 victims form rubies as they drip from the needle tip. The vampire hunter knows of her. Her powers don't work on him. Her fanged mouth says, "That's what friends are for." A troll like man comes out of the dark but two boys with pointed ears, one with a cap on, jump on Bjorn. They wear jester outfits or court outfits like page boys. Their touch means needles of pain for Bjorn's body. He goes unconscious but the boys are over him when he a legion of pain. The vampire tells Elvis, a big man with dark pushed back hair that the arrow was dipped in Holy Water. She feels this human must be unique. Mortals usually don't know she is around...till it is too late. As a page boy with pointed ear hold Bjorn's hand out, Elvis steps on it until it bleeds...a lot. Bjorn wakes up with a priest who tells him some cop found him. Bjorn has a card with an address on it. The priest bandaged Bjorn's hand. It was he who hired Bjorn to find the killer...he feels guilty. Bjorn is shirt less in bed. He has been here three days and had a fever. They found three more bodies just like the last ones. Bjorn, against the priest's wishes, tells him he has to go after her, "This time it's personal." The priest will go with him. Morton Fairlawn was a bank clerk for 15 was all that mattered to him. He had no wife, no family. He had forgone that for a job. In a flash, when he met the woman, he realized his whole life has been a farce. He has been putting in time until this day. He wants her to take all that is him. He tells her in the height of ecstasy, "Kill me!!" She has him over an altar with curtain around or trees or something, "No." She has two elf boys take him away. He will live a little longer, a small glimmer of himself left. Something for her followers to play with. Elvis comes and tells her Bjorn is back. She already knows. Bjorn knows she knows and tells the priest to stay in the alley. Bjorn has on a black shirt, overcoat, denim pants with rips at the knees, boots, and a belt. Bjorn finds a victim, scared to death, "the maggots haven't got to him yet." The creature is nearby. He fires the arrow launcher gun but she catches it with her left hand. He intrigues her, "I couldkill you now. So heroic, so sure of yourself. No, I think I may try something else." Above, someone (Elvis? An elf boy?) with thick hair shouts, "Human, yooˇhoooo!" This person has the priest who says, "Bjorn, I...I'm sorry." This aide pushes the priest off the building, killing him. Bjorn is horrified and wide eyed. He stands over the body of the priest. A part of him is lostˇnever to be found again. He has died a bit that night. He has taken the first steps of a very long, dark walk...for he has been KISSED BY THE VAMPIRE.