Vampyre's Kiss book 2 #2
Aircel, 1991, b&w, Adult.
1 Vampyre's Kiss book 2 #2 cover Bjorn Lastrad (different spelling) is at Father Michael's gravestone. His pants do not have the rips at the knees. The priest was his former ally in the war. Only the priest who said the eulogy and Bjorn had attended. Father Michael had few friends. He was eccentric. No one believed his suspicions that an evil force was manifesting itself in the form of woman, a vampire. Michael comes up out of his tombstone and grave, "Did you miss me?" He tells Bjorn not to be so morbid when Bjorn tells him he is dead. The priest wants to take Bjorn back with him and grabs his ankles. First, he wants to Bjorn to give him a taste of his flesh. Bjorn tells him he is dead and punches him. Bjorn, the vampire stalker. Bjorn, the destroyer. Alone. Michael's head is off. He lay under his bed naked. In a small hotel room, his body is laying on soaked sheets. The vampire girl is there and asks him if he ever wondered what it would be like to die in his sleep. She slaps him and blood comes out. She tells him to her, he is a joke. She lets him live because it amuses her. Bjorn wakes up in bed now, naked (and the art is quite nice). She is toying with him, taunting him. He goes to the blinds on the window, "Well, bitch, the hunt is on." Cars pass over the bridge every day. People riding to work. At a certain point, each one feels a slight tingle in their stomach, a chill in his heart. A presence. An evil. The vampire. Bianca is in bed with two blond boys, these two do not have pointed ears but curved. One catamite calls her Bianca and tells her that the human is no child and tells her not to tempt fate. She is bored and tells him to be quiet. She created the two blond boys for her pleasure and created Elvis and troll Frog for her protection. It is all her she tells him to remember. Bianca calls for Elvis and asks if he is hungry. He has fangs on his lower jaw sticking up, "It depends, for what?" Some female says, "Hi," to Bjorn on the street. He grabs her by the neck and points a short sword at her, "Die you!!" It is a blond girl who begs him not to kill her. If he had the money, she thought she and Bjorn...he apologizes. She runs off. Sven and Mark had a rough day. The fax machine broke down and the Mac crashed, the coffee in the machine was old, the bank machine ate their cards. Bianca wants a word with them. Mark with glasses tells the other, "Catherine would have my left nut just for looking at this babe." She needs everything they've got. Mark and Sven attack Bjorn for Bianca. They call him a shmuck and want to kill him, controlled by her. They want to get back to her. Bjorn knives Sven across his chest. Mark asks, "Hey Sven is that a knife?" Sven says, "Yep!" He falls. Mark says, "Why you rotten...he was an alright Joe." Mark grabs a piece of wood and attacks Bjorn. Dave Durango, a small business, family, a BMW, as many friends as he can stomach to be with him, he convinced several people he was important today, one had cost him a lot for lunch, and he made life a little bit more miserable for his enemies. Dave was proud to be a prick. The vampire watches him, so sure, so confident, a total ass. She says, "Hello supper." Mark misses, " rat!" Bjornsays, "Moron, can't you shut up while you fight?" He kicks Mark's face in and then as Mark says, "Say, that really hurt," he plunges the long knife into Mark's chest and out his back with an OOP sound and a face of determination. Dave is planning to use the girl he is with and toss her on the scrap heap with all the other women he's ruined. Bjorn puts his short sword into the side of Dave's head and out the other side, before Bianca can drain the fool (as she says). He pulls it out, "Wait until you see what I'm going to do to you." She has her four aides come out and hold him from behind, "No more games! No more amusements! No more dreams! Hunter, you've run out of luck!"