Vampyre's Kiss book 2 #3
Aircel, Feb 1991, b&w, Adult.
1 Vampyre's Kiss book 2 #3 cover Bjorn is tied to a chair with his arms behind it. The voice tells him that keepin his eyes closed won't help. She calls him love. He is running on a beach, off the chair. She tells him he is getting good at this game. A giant bat with fangs flies at him and perches on a pile of rocks. He has on a tank top, pants ripped at the knees, boots, and a rag tied around his left leg. She tells him not to retreat too far into his mind, she wants him back. The bat grabs him by the neck and the face turns into a wolf face and bites his throat. Sweat glistens his face in the small room which is cool. She is a negative being, like a hole in space. One blond catamite tells her he is awake, just faking. The other asks, "Can we hurt him? Please can we hurt him?" She denies them this, turning from her wolfóbat form into Bianca. He is her toy and she can break him if she wants. The chill on Bjorn's spine makes her smile. "You are not unattractive to me, human," she tells him, "I have seen things few beings have dreamed of. I've watched man take its first feeble steps to the stars. I'll be there when civilization dies. I may even help it along the way. I'd like you there with me..." Bjorn says, "I hate you, bitch!" She seems surprised and hurt, "Do you know what you're saying, human?" The catamite draw close to each other, looking worried. Bjorn tells her off, telling her all she does is kill to exist, she has forgotten how to live just kill and kill again. She says, "I love you, Bjorn." He mocks her, telling her she is dead, just too stupid to know. She slaps him. She wears a skull that holds her cape onto her neck and another at her belly button to hold her slim outfit together by straps and belt. Bianca tells the catamite, "Now you can hurt him." They looks happy and smile, one half smiles. For half a century the only emotions she thought she would have known were hate and lust..the need for blood. This human has awakened something very old. Love. And he dashed that tender moment to bits. And left her thus. She had known many men but none like Bjorn. Elvis and Frog come to Bianca. She tells them she has worked up an appetite. Elvis hugs her. She says, "Oh Elvis." Steven Cosgrove had a bad day. He lost his tickets to the MENUDO concert and found out he'd have to pay scalpers. He was late for his cousin's antique store for the 7th time this week and was fired. He found his phone disconnected. His landlady asked for the rent and told him some police had been by about unpaid parking tickets. Steven used the pay phone on the corner to call his parents. His father instructed him to stop being a total moron and come home. Steven felt like dogódoo. He has long blond hair and a worn but young face. Bianca comes to him, floating soundlessly from the roof, "You seem lowly." She almost tries to be nice. He has on a checkered top which is solid at the stomach. He notices she is naked. She asks, "Does that bother you, handsome?" A feeling that once aroused can know no bounds arises in Steven. The two harlequins have done quite a job on wounds, chipped bones, swollen flesh. Bjorn slumps in the chair. Wetness of sweat and blood are everywhere. Frog comes to him and asks if he is still alive, "Right glad them kids didn't kill ya, pal." He is sure Bianca will want to do that herself. Helaughs. This vampire's breath smells of old blood. When the boys beat him, the force of their blows also weakened the chair. Bjorn breaks it apart and using one of the sharp pieces of wood sticks Frog in the heart, killing him. Bjorn leaves him on the floor, rips in Bjorn's pants at the knees again. Steven was giving Bianca his entire self but then she yells, "Bjorn!!" She gets up, wanting to finish fast. Steven wonders why his death must be so much like his life...? Steven was fallen in the alley, his eyes wide open. Bjorn and Bianca are opposites he felt. Elvis throws Bjorn as Bjorn sneaks down the stairs, "Hello human." Elvis doesn't like that Bianca loves the human and grows weak on him, "If you're dead, our problems are over." Elvis, big, picks up Bjorn and rams him out a window, dangling his upper body over the water and the pier far below. Hey, where are they? Bjorn kicks Elvis under his arms and uses his spiked heels to slit across Elvis's neck, seemingly cutting Elvis's head off, the eyes in shock. Bjorn jumps to the water below. Bianca is in the dark, telling him to swim his broken and bleeding body to safety and to enjoy a day or so of rest... "because then I'm coming for you to end it all." Bjorn is climbing out of the water onto the pier.