Vampyre's Kiss book 2 #4
Aircel, Mar 1991, b&w, Adult.
1 Vampyre's Kiss book 2 #4 cover Bjorn runs, shirt sleeves are ripped to a tank top, the bottom of his shirt ripped. He feels her waiting for him to tire. He falls and turns on his back. He sees Bianca there, "You should not have spurned my love, Bjorn." She tells him he could have fed off the weak, useless, seen all eternity. She stares deeply into his eyes, tells him to look at her, "Now all you'll get is death!" She moves close to him, ready to kiss or bite. He yells, "No!" He grabs a stick nearby and hits her over the head. She winces but recover swiftly, "Ow." She hits him with a pow, making him fall off the dock into the water. Someone helps. A girl with thick blond hair whose name is Connie. Robert Boise is no longer a cheap small time news writer. He landed a job as a movie critic at a big paper. A small alternative company made a nice little film about the urban life seen through the eyes of a minority family. Most people would think it heartwarming. He would not have that. He would stir up accusations of bigotry, anti gay violence, brutality towards women, and make the masses see how the producer and director were nothing but scum, social outcasts to be put in prison and be abused by the inmates. He would fix those bastards for entertaining the fans and trying to make a living. Bianca flies down behind him, he is impressed with her threads. She tears off his dick! Connie naked crawls over Bjorn in bed, she on top. Connie tells him she too fought the vampire who wants revenge on her the same as she wants revenge on Bjorn. Connie tells him, "I lost many friends." (Jeff? SoˇHi? SnapˇDragon? Jethell? The blond? Baker? Ahmed?) Bianca's hands and arms are covered in Robert's blood. Once Bjorn is dead it will be euphoric. She turns into a vulture like form and flies up. Bjorn tells Connie he has to go. Connie wants to face her togetherˇˇshe is through running from it. Connie tells him Bianca is ruining their lives. He admits he cannot go on living like this. Bianca arrives, telling them killing both of them will be so easy. There are skulls in Bianca's pupils. Connie tells Bjorn to fight it. She is trying to use her power to make him surrender. Bianca tells him she can put her hand into his heart and pull it out. She turns into a wolf face and is close to Bjorn's face. A Chinese star hits the face. Connie tells Bjorn to run into her place. Bow legged, the bat thing hovers gigantically nearby. They run into the tunnels...Connie telling Bjorn it cannot fly down here (What? Why not? Bianca was in the tunnels before). Bianca's new emotion is somewhere way past hate. The gargoyle like form of the bat thing that is Bianca follows them down. Connie tells him they have to go deeper. The two end up at a wooden dead end. Bianca comes and turns into her female form. She tells them she spent the whole night waiting to kill Bjorn. Connie tells her she is a twit, she just explained her own destruction. Bianca asks, "What do you mean, slut?" Connie opens the door that is behind Bjorn and herself, "You've spent the WHOLE night after us. Good morning, vampire!" The sun makes Bianca's face bleed from the eyes and nose. Connie tells Bjorn to jump since the vampire is going to explode. Bianca explodes out of the pipe as they jump into the water. They think they hear a muffled scream. It is quiet a