Vampyre's Kiss book 3 #2
Aircel, Sep 1991, b&w, Adult.
1 Vampyre's Kiss book 3 #2 cover Aidin Cooper stands at his window (yes, I guess something was amiss in issue 1 when Aidin was called Aidin Coleen). "Bianca, she's in my dreams, my memories. I know she wasn't there but when I try to remember, she's there." The pills Hue gave him are almost gone. Suffolk Manoróósilver arrows, crystal tears. Bianca in her new body tells herself Hue the Elder gave Aidin pills to combat her influence. She wants Aidin not as food but as her lover. The same force that originally drew Hue to this area also would attract other vampires, something out there, maybe in the land itself, old and powerful. Perhaps the closeness of the Druid mounds. Hue has a long knife or short sword with runes on it. He will try to help Aidin even though it may kill them both. Across from Hue's house is a small figure, a bare boy in the mist: the called him the Orphan Kid, the Wild Boy, the Crazy One, the Gypsy Boy. His master called him Robin Goodfellow, Puck, and other names. The Ancient Boy knew about the Dark Ones. The Druids who fought them before. The Mounds still held their bodies. Stones stood to thwart their magic yet still they came, drawn like moths to a flame. Robin had done many things in his times and he knew what he would do that night. The Walker forgot his name. It happened many centuries ago. For a brief moment, he was a black haired curly haired boy again on a moonlit night sleeping. Nights of mystery, excitement, exhausted sleep followed by bright, happy sunny days, basking in the glow of youth. Long ago days before the vampire came. He was sad but thankful to forget in his bottle. Old Freddie and his mate Johnny who wears sunglasses and is a bit on the heavy side are with Bosha, the girl at Suffolk Manor where she has lead them. They seem to want to rape (or wank) Bosha near the haunted Manor but she fights them ("Nothin' like Old Doc Martins in the nuts, right boys?") with skills she tells them she learned about 200 years ago in China. Freddie with a bald head pulls a knife out, "I learned this in Hamstead Heath!" He cuts her but she turns into monster form, 2 fanged teeth coming far out and her eyes turning pupilóless. He jumps back and she jumps him over a fence and down a hill, bites his neck and kills him. Inside, as Bianca eats a bloody heart, she realizes blood has been spilled. Johnny hits Bosha away from the dead Freddie and picks up a shovel but a hand grabs it before he can hit the girl. It is Bianca, calling him a bad boy and ripping his arm off its socket and his body. She tells Bosha she is a friend. She tells her to drink up and that she can help her tonight. Midnight: Hue slips out his door watched by Robin, who smiles and seems to have his baby teeth and a shiny coat to his smooth skin. Hue's thoughts were clouded as Aidin waited for him and his help. The boy pulls a bow and arrow. He shoots it into Hue just below his left shoulder, pinning him a wooden wall. "Hold still vampire, the next one goes through your heart," the boy says and draws another one. Hue pulls himself off the wall and the second arrow misses. Hue says, "Damn you, boy!" "Run vampire. I'll track you down wherever you go. And kill you forever," the drivenboy sneers. Aidin thinks Hue must think he is crazy. He laments that he even had Hue in one of his dreams. He wants to stay awake until Hue gets here. "Hue won't let me down." Aidin catches himself nodding off. Outside, Bianca waits.