Vampyre's Kiss book 3 #3
Aircel, Oct 1991, b&w, Adult.
1 Vampyre's Kiss book 3 #3 cover Bianca tells Bosha she wants to be tied to something mortal for a little while. Bosha tells her the humans live so hard, so short but their flame burns so bright. Once in 100 years one comes along that Bianca chooses to keep for herself. Aidin is one. The Wards are holding her back as well as one of their own kind. Bianca releases little Homunculi, spindle legged horned black creatures, skinny legs and arms and feet (clawed) with beady glowing bug eyes. They will slip into his mind and destroy his will. Centuries of deprivation and withdrawal from human blood as well as watching his skin gradually accept the life giving rays of the sun. An hour ago he was hit by the arrow. He pulls it out his front, snapping it in two, then has to pull it out his back. Hue had seen the Wild Boy around the village before, the people tolerated him, said he was crazy but his eyes gave him away. He knew what Hue was, and he'd spiked him. No blood and the wound would heal quickly. The naked boy was still out there...hunting. They came from the first country, long ago, following the Romans, they watched with greedy eyes as Hadrian built the wall to keep the people back. They fed as Britain grew, the Saxons came, the Normans followed. The Druids found a way to kill them. The Germans named them vampire. The land repelled their touch and the Green Man called his followers to hunt them. Aidin wonders where Hue is. He wonders if he dreamt it all. The Homunculus creatures are on this drapes and jump at him, teeth showing. One climbs to his neck. Others are on his legs. He steps on one. The boy calls Hue, "Vampire!" Hue tells him, "Ah, shit, kid. I'm finished with this. Go ahead and put an arrow through me. Only this time try not to miss my heart." The boy says, "No. I've watched you since you came here to the village. Your evil has diminished. I thought you were the one my master spoke of. But I sense another, close by. A true evil. The one I seek. That one will die this night." Hue calls, "Wait, Puck. We go together." Anubis was in the sky among the Walker's thoughts, one of the moon's oldest children. It was night and he remembered when he was nubile boy long ago. He couldn't sleep that night...his first night. He has on an ank on his head, a jewel tied to a necklace, a wrist band with trim on his left wrist, four bands on his right upper arm, seemingly laced as oneˇˇbut is really a snake shape of jewelry, and a loin clothˇthongˇbikini bottom tied on by thin rope string. No one was around the pyramids. They stood alone and quiet on the endless sands. A year before 1000s of slaves toiled beneath. He went down stairs to a dark figure with two glowing light eyes, no pupils, and a dark cloud form for a body. At first, he thought it was a spirit clouding his mind, calling to him, whispering all the wonders it had seen, all the magic of the stars, of the cosmic mystery of whence it came. It felt so right, the joining of two beings, a melding of consciousness, a domination of will, the stranger dissolved leaving only the boy yet much more. For that ishow it all began. The curse. The sickness spreading out like ripples on a pond. From that day. The day the Pharaohs called it down. And now Walker, looking better than before, and cleaner, felt it again, the same force, awakening memories like an old friend. It frightened him. Aidin screams as it all drains away from him, hundreds of homunculi are in the room with him. He calls for Hue. Bianca comes in and tells him he doesn't need Hue, only her, "Let me show you all that you can be." Aidin knows what she is and runs for the door. Hue, outside, finds the charms did not workˇˇthe door has been breachedˇˇhe knows this by touching it. The boy finds tiny claw marks on the floor. Bosha attacks them, calling them scum. Her fangs are about to lance into Hue's neck as Homunculi drape over Robin's bare chest, Robin on the floor on his back. Aidin comes in. Bianca tells him to leave them to their fate. Aidin feels like he is going insane. He cannot fight it any longer. Bianca wants to leave Bosha to her dinner. Fangs are starting to sink into Hue's neck. Bosha tells Hue that Bianca told her that Hue was human. Hue tells her that Bianca lied to her, left her with them to slow them up while she and Aidin got away. Bosha says, "No, she likes me. She's my friend." The boy sneaks up behind her and shoves the arrow in her back and it pokes out her chest, right in the heart. Hue uses his sword to decapitate Boshaˇˇa bony skull popping off the stalk of a bony neck. Robin folds his arms and tells Hue they must go after Aidin and Bianca at Suffolk Manor.