Vampyre's Kiss book 3 #4
Aircel, Nov 1991, b&w, Adult.
1 Vampyre's Kiss book 3 #4 cover Aidin is in pain but Bianca tells her lover that if he would just surrender to it, it would not be so painful. "Just remember with me," she tells him. Aidin, a German soldier is called a lucky bastard that he was picked to go with the Der Fraulein. NOTE: This looks like WWI time with German soldiers (or is it WWII? There are no swastikas on the soldiers). Aidin stumbles with his words but another soldier calls him a dumkoff and to just go while he can. He goes into a room up stairs and sees a naked black haired woman. Aidin continues to deny the memoryˇhe wasn't even born yet. She tells him it isˇˇthis is how he became one of them. The Walker jumps up and claims it was him. It was the Walker who made her, he rants. She tells him to get away and that she hates him. He says, "Now, yes, after you destroyed me." Bianca turns into a demonˇvampire form and swipes at his face with her claws, telling him he hasn't the power left to do this. This is intercut as if it is happening in both times but it is happening in the WWI time zone. The Walker, his face ripped long ago, heads for the bitch vampire. Robin senses Bianca's evil at the Suffolk Manor and is not sure he can go in. To enter her home would be to break the connection to Robin's spirit. Huh? Hue tells him he is a spirit of the land, calling him Puck. Hue goes in alone. Hue goes into the manor through a creaking door. He sends forth a conscience, probing each room for a sign of life. He makes contact. Bianca feels he is here. Aidin says, "Hue!!" Aidin knows he has a life outside of this. She makes him, Aidin Cooper, sleep. Walker thinks of the evil that rivaled his ownˇˇwhile thinking of Hitler, their shadow marching across Europe and the "pact". They wanted more: an army of vampires and he would lead them. But first he wanted to create a queen. One to seduce many. But the gypsy girl learned too quick. She had gone inside his head, taken what she needed, and wrecked the rest. And left him to wander with the remnants of a defeated army. He remembered who he is. Just as he decides that she must pay, an arrow goes through his left upper front, near his shoulder. He yells, "Come out, witchˇboy." He tells Walker, "Not until you're dead, vampire." He calls the boy an idiot, "I am dead. Now come over here and let me taste you." An arrow goes between his eyes and out the back of his head. "Now I'll come out, you scum!" The boy jumps out with two swords, one thicker than the other. He shoves one into Walker's heart and with the other chops off Walker's head. Vision fades as a quickening thrust to the fore, sharp images of a life too long, tragic memories of a monumental waste and of dreams snuffed out. The boy kneels, bends, hugs his own arms. Hue tries to tell Bianca that with help she can...she stops his ranting as she calls them as she hangs upsidedown, her hair hanging down. She rips at his back, flying over him with her claws out. Hue is stronger than she thought. Aidin knows now what he must do. He recalls a line of wooden crosses with German helmets on top. The demon form of the vampire calls Hue a halfling and tells him he died when he renounced his birthright. It slaps himand sticks its hand in his chest after he calls her a maggot, a festering plague. Aidin arrives, "Bianca, I love." The demon says, "No, don't see me like this. Open your mind, Aidin, my darling." Aidin is on the cliffs visiting them again with a girl with black hair. A girl in denim pants and a shirt, a normal shirt, not understanding what he is doing. He grabs at her throat, telling her, "Oh you will, you bitch!" He jumps at her and throws himself and her off the cliffside. Aidin jumps off a balcony in the manor, his head bursting as he hits headfirst. The vampire cries out loud. Hue takes his sword and his own fangs bared, he chops off Bianca's head and sticks the sword into his own heart. And in the quiet, peace is found. Aidin, Bianca in demon form, and Hue all appear to lie dead on the floor. The great star map rotates as the ancient one looks down on his land. The sickness has been cut out. The green growing things will have another chance. And somewhere in the deepening shadows of the ancient forest, the Puck has gone home.