Vampyre's Kiss #1 Friendly Comics, 1992, b&w, Adult.
1 >Vampyre's Kiss #1 cover By Barry Blair and David Mielcarek.
THE FIRST EVIL: Northern NY state. Jazz wears a Nitzer Ebb tank top shirt. A girl, Jenny, with curly Manga like hair is with him, trying to summon a spirit. A fat bellied guy with a tank top short cut shirt and very muscular arms is there too. He, named Herman, has an ear ring in his left ear. They have a skull with a pentagram on its top head. Jenny tells Herman to take it easyˇˇthat this is all perfectly safe. Jazz says, "Yea til the demon comes up and rips out arses off." Jenny says, "Would you even notice, Jazz?" Jenny cuts her hand and drops blood onto the skull top. Herman is afraid and Jazz keeps teasing him. There is a blast from the skull. Something craves blood. Claws come out of the skull. Two rip into Herman's heart and opens up his chest to look inside. They claws belong to a skull creature which becomes Bianca with glowing eyes, "At last. I'm back! And it feels wonderful." Jazz jumps at what he calls the bitch. He has the long knife ready to strike. Bianca, with curly hair now, very long hair, rips Jazz's upper body in half, "Thank you!" Bianca blasts the house roof, chucking Jenny out into the lawn bushes. Bergen County, New Jersey: a private eye in a dark office drinks a bottle and smokes. Someone knocks on the door.

BACKUP STRIP: Slash and Johnny X presents (yes, presents) XXX WOMEN VS BULK DICK which about covers this X rated satire of superhero THE INCREDIBLE HULK who is a villain here (a skinny guy Moore who has radioactive semen contaminating his body which becomes muscular and giant) fought by three super heroines who are students summoned to help by Madame X. The three girls are Scratchy, Squinty, and Humongus. All villains and the trio of super women are without much clothes.