Warlocks #10 Aircel, Nov 1989, b&w.
1 Warlocks #10 cover Creator, Writer, Penciller: Blair
Inker: Alex Szewczuk
Homer tells Azeroth to blow it out his ear, calling him a musclebound dork. Hotachi warns him that they hold the temple. The wolves and rat things come forth to try to climb over the walls. Homer fires his guns. The others climb over the dead ones. Hotachi tells Homer to grab a spear. Homer fires his pistol as boys fight monsters. The old hunchback fights with his wizard power. Homer says, "Jumpin' junipers, warn me when you're going to do that." He is holding a boy in his arm, cradling the boy around the midsection. Heartmoon and Azeroth aim their power to "swat the flies off the wall" emanating power. The others get down. Two boys don't duck in time and are stiff. The hunchback tells them the witch has taken their minds. Azeroth blasts more power but Tamir Moonstar arrives, flying down. Kate, Jeff, and Toomai are at the temple now. They are with the hunchback, Homer, and Hotachi. The hunchback tells them, "Peace, you are among friends. Welcome back, Toomai." Azeroth and Tamir have met before. Heartmoon tells Tamir to join them, he is one of them. Tamir goes down in a flash of power from Azeroth and into a crater. Kate doesn't think anyone could live through that. Tamir picks his head up, "I live!" He tells the friends that they must defeat Azeroth. The fate of the world hinges on this battle's outcome. "We must defeat Azeroth or all will be destroyed."