Warlocks #11 Aircel, Mar 1990, b&w.
1 Warlocks #11 cover Creator, Story, Layouts: Blair Additional Pencils: Dev Madan
Day: Lee tells Alex that he thinks it is safe to say this is the dumbest thing they've ever done. Alex in short shorts is driving an open jeep. Simon is next to him and defends Lee's being upset: they haven't seen another human being for over a week. Alex tells Lee this is a holiday for them. A farmer gave them directions toward Hotachi and Homer who are on the trail of a temple. Lee spreads out in the back of the jeep in his tank top and short shorts. Simon asks, "What is it, Alex? Are you having an ESP attack?" Lee thinks that is funny, "Nice one, Simon!" Alex tells them to be quiet. Lee whispers to Simon, "He's being seduced by the dark force." They hear moaning like someone's hurt and go look. Lee feels his ankle, "The jungle is nuts." Simon says, "It's like it's grabbing at us." He is in short shorts and short sleeved shirt. They all have no shoes on. They find an old man in the center of the river or lake. Lee crosses over but something gets him, his shirt riding up. Alex warns Simon about vines reaching for him from a tree. The old man reaches his hand out to Lee...their only hope is if Lee can grab it. Lee does and but strange zombie-native figures rise out of the water and grab at his backside, stomach, and body. The old man, a hunchback, uses the lad's strength and the two of them rise up over the water and back to land. The hunchback tells them the zombies were his former tribe, enslaved by Azeroth to do his bidding. Night: they rest near a tree. The hunchback tells them, "There was a group of us wizards and warriors holding a temple against an evil being, Azeroth. There was a terrible battle. The temple was destroyed. The demon is below searching for his ship. The defenders were all destroyed or enslaved. You saw some of my tribe today." The boys asks about Homer and Hotachi. Tamir Moonstar, more terrible than ever rises above them, his body naked except for a cape that whips around him, "They are dead...as you soon shall be." The old man tells the children to flee, it is Tamir Moonstar. Tamir says, "Those who don't succumb to Azeroth will perish." Alex whuds a stick into the face of Tamir. Lee says, "Nice one, Alex!" His shirt riding up, Alex wields the stick over his shoulder, "Thanks, Lee." Simon looks afraid, "Oh guys...I think we made him mad." The wizard warns them to get down. Tamir calls Alex a vile little flea and gets the boy stunned in his power under his hand. He shrinks Alex down to size and picks him up, calling them all worthless scum, "I was once like you until I saw the wisdom of Azeroth." His master is calling him. Taking Alex in his hand, he leaves. The old man tells them they must follow quietly, "Your friends' lives are meaningless in the scheme of things. The fate of the world is in the balance." Below the destroyed temple, a more manly faced Azeroth (wearing an open vest, no shirt beneath, tights, and boots) cannot find his ship and needs help. Tamir arrives to help his master find it, pointing the way, seemingly dropping little Alex. Homer and Hotachi watch, hiding. Homer tells Hotachi, "Look, Hotachi, we are out of our league. They've already decimated the temple and all the people inside." Hotachi says, "They plan to do the same thing to the world. So what do you wanna do?" Homer sighs, "I guess we go after them." He puts his arm around Hotachi and hand on his shoulder.