Warlocks #12 Aircel, Apr 1990, b&w.
1 Warlocks #12 cover Creator, Story, Layouts: Barry Blair
Pencilling: Xiao Gui
Inking: Angel de Mioche
Simon in short shorts (like gym shorts or something), low shoes, sleeveless (ripped sleeves off) shirt unbuttoned to reveal bare skin is with Lee who is in low hanging skimpy briefs or a bathing suit or underwear. NOTE: In one frame, Lee's bottoms are so low he looks very naked, his hips are seen and several inches below his belly button. The hunchback (now having his left eye closed a bit and his right eye bulging and soon we see both pupils) sees ghosts of the past, noble warriors, heroes and the evil that brought them down. They investigate the rubble of the temple. They find a hole down. Moonstar wears Alex around his neck on a necklace rope. Alex is tiny and shirtless and only wearing his short underwear which reveals much about him. Wearing no shirt and no vest now but pants with a belt and boots, Azeroth tells Tamir all the lives, all the cost, it must be worth it. They find the ship and the master's power awaits. Hiding there, Homer and Hotachi attack, "It's now or never, Hotachi," Homer says. Homer calls Tamir a long legged scarecrow, pointing his gun right at Tamir's neck...and Alex! Alex says, "Eeep." Homer sees him, Jumpin Junipers, Alex!" Tamir grabs Homer's hand, "Vile old fool!" Homer puts his gun at Tamir's side, "Vile maybe, but not stupid." He fires over and over again but Tamir throws him far, Homer's cap coming off. Hotachi runs to him, the demon Azeroth saying, "Yes, little Samurai, run! Run to your friend. Be with him when you breath your last. Moonstar, stop bleeding and kill them." Once in the ship, Azeroth will activate the ship's power and the world will be his. Homer retrieves his cap and fires at Tamir's knees. Hotachi attacks with his sword but is grabbed around the throat, "We die together, Samurai." Tamir chokes Hotachi down, nearly killing him and continuing the job. Homer has a rock and kraks Tamir in the back of the head. Alex immediately unshrinks back to normal size. Hotachi, looking like a little boy, "Yeow! Alex, welcome back." Azeroth is in the ship and soon it will be at full power. Lee, Simon, and the old one climb down. Lee seems to be responding to some conversation we didn't get to see, "Not if you burst a blood vessel first, fatso." The wizard frowns but once there he faces the foul one. They appear to be in the spaceship. The wizard taps into the ship's power system, calling Azeroth a warlord. Simon has no shoes on now. He figures the wizard will cause an overload and a chain reaction that will go up like an atom bomb. Leaning against a wall, his legs totally bare, Lee tells him, The wizard tells them, "Run children. I can't hold this for long." Azeroth yells, "No!" Outside, Homer says, "Tarnation! I don't like the way that thing is glowing." Alex, his hand on a very young looking Hotachi's upper backside, "The whole cavern is shaking." Lee and Simon run out. Simon says, "Run! The whole place is gonna explode!" He has his hands out infront of him while Lee has his hands up in the air. Hotachi looks at Homer (and Alex) and shrugs. The trio run the same way, their arms up, too. They run through a passage. There is a huge boom. The five find themselves on the center of the only standing bit of grass, a centerpiece of rock--all the land around it is leveled. Lee says, "We're alive." Hotachi adds, "Somehow, yeah." Simon tells them, "It was the old man." Homer gives a speech, "Moonstar, Kate, Jeff, the old man, Azeroth, Heartmoon...everyone involved in their conflict is dead...all dead. Maybe we were just here to witness the passing." The others get off the rock and start walking amid a few small stones. Simon looks back at Homer who has his back to them. Hotachi leads Alex, Lee, and Simon, "C'mon, Homer...let's go home..."