Warlocks #1 Special Edition
Aircel Comics, 1989, b&w.
1 Warlocks #1A cover This special issue consists of a reprint of issue 1 with an added 8 page introduction or prelude. In this prelude Kate & Jeff's father sneaks up to the secret temple, brutally kills a pair of young temple guardian boys, then breaks into the temple and is promptly taken by the Vampire. Because of his brutality and greed it's impossible to feel any sympathy for him. In fact the new material is somewhat revisionist as it makes the Vampire seem much less horrible, by comparison to this guy! After the 8 page prelude the remainder of the book reprints issue 1.

The new material was penciled by Barry and inked by Somerville, very nicely. The art closely matches the rest of the book, though in my opinion it's better and has more action. If I had to choose I would get issue #1 rather than this, but it doesn't hurt to have both. The cover is by Somerville.

ANARCHY UNBOUND: (SPECIAL EDITION SECTION): Amazon jungle: an Indiana Jones type and his little employed aide, an Oriental boy in short sleeved tunic (leaving his sides from underarm down to his feet totally bare except for a tie belt), watch guards, the Keepers, part of the right of manhood of their tribe is to watch the temple so that evil cannot escape. The boy shoots a dart from a blow gun into the neck of one who falls into the arms of the other. Before he can throw a spear, the nearly naked loin cloth wearing boy is kicked by the man. The hit boy has spit all over his mouth and his eyes roll up. The man shoves his gun into the boy's mouth and demands to be shown the door. Pulling his hair, the man is shown the way past treacherous rocks. He shows them the door and pleads with them not to enter, there is much evil. The man looks at his aide, who is smiling, "Stick him, kid." The kid sticks a dart into the boy's upper chest near his shoulder. The boy falls against the rocks, his mouth full of drool now. The kid smiles. The kid feels for a lever and puts his hand in a square opening. Tentacles come out and wrap around his neck and body, pulling him in. A rumble opens the door and something says, "Good evening, human. I've been expecting you!" The man screams.)