Warlocks #2 Aircel Comics, 1988, b&w.
1 Warlocks #2 cover Created, Written, and Illustrated by Barry Blair
The Vampire has driven Kate's Jeep down the Amazon, stowed away on a freighter and is now in New York City, snacking on the citizens. It's not clear if he just drinks their blood or also eats them--he leaves quite a mess of body parts behind! A new character named David Patrick is introduced. He keeps having flashbacks of being on an alien spaceship and we soon conclude that he's also one of these alien mind-entities--though of a good sort--suffering from amnesia. Meanwhile in a somewhat confusing flashback Kate, Jeff and Toomai are still exploring the alien spaceship while wearing their swimming outfits: Kate in her tightly-stretched one-piece swimsuit, Jeff in his undies and Toomai in his itty-bitty loincloth. They eventually escape after dealing with a pesky robot and providing quite a leg show.
Back in New York, David Patrick has a run in with the Vampire whose name we now learn is Azeroth. David Patrick is in reality the "wizard" Tamir. There is some sort of longstanding feud between the two and Azeroth attempts to kill Tamir but merely succeeds in jogging Tamir's memory back into action.
Interior artwork is all by Barry. The scenes in New York City with the Vampire, which include several fights scenes, are excellent. The cover is not by Barry and has no relation to the story.

NYC: 12AM: a security officer at the dockyards thinks a junkie kid has broken in again. A demon pulls him into a space between buildings. It couldn't have eaten all the humans in the ship until they docked. He smiles with fangs on the bottom of his teeth. He feasts on the man, crashing down on him, spreading his blood. WARLOCKS OF NEW YORK: Soho: Dave wakes up in bed, yelling, "No!" The man, wearing only sweat pants, dreamt he was in a spaceship which was caused to crash by him. Maybe it was the cold pizza he had for dinner. Soaked in sweat, he goes into the bathroom and sees the demon n the mirror, "Hello David Patrick." He cowers behind the toilet bowl. Jeff in the spaceship thinks they are going to die here in the middle of the Amazon jungle. Kate tells him to take it easy, calmly. Toomai says, "We go now. Must keep moving. Not sure. I think we being watched." Kate tells Jeff she knows it is hard for him, it seems like a dream to her too. Jeff holds himself as if he were cold. Toomai finds water in part of the ship. They follow it toward the bridge. They hear splashing behind them. Jeff's underwear has a short tie rope on it. Toomai asks for their help in closing the door. Greenwich Village: David thinks the full moon looks better from space & wonders how he would know that and when he gets to hear the theme for the Twilight Zone. He sees something. He finds alot of blood in an alley, then a dismembered hand nailed to a wooden wall, blood dripping. He also finds a body with a hole in its head. The trio in the spaceship find coffin like objects with something inside. A huge robot with three pointed claws opens the doors, "Virus cornered. Proceed with extermination." NY: David is lost but runs into 2 punks, one bald short one and one with a leather jacket and Elvis type haircut but more like a Mohican haircut. He elbows this one & kicks the bald one into the wall, smashing his face. He turns the neck of the other and blood comes out the mouth and ears. The demon comes out of the alley, "Very good, Tamir, or should I say, David Patrick." David calls the demon Azeroth. Azeroth calls him a wizard and relishes that David doesn't recall anything. He hits him, "At last, after all this time." David suddenly remembers. The trio in the ship are cornered. Toomai breaks off a metal pole, one of three and faces the robot with it. He sticks it into the robot, "This is what I understand." Kate helps him & knocks off part of the robot. Toomai finds the pods hold creatures like the one that possesses their father. He opens one and inside is a shriveled body husk with large chest and fangs. There are 6 but only 4 remain. There are two warlocks out there. Jeff points out moonlight from cracks in the hull: a way out. Jeff says, "Oh, thank God." Jeff is determined to get their father back. NY: Azeroth fights, smashing his hand into a wall, missing David, who ducked. David fights and knocks him down. He fires power at the demon but the power is deflected back. The demon wears leather pants, a short sleeved leather jacket, two chains going down his front, his chest and stomach bare, and his cape. The demon is hungered and weak. It leaves.