Warlocks #3 Aircel, 1988, b&w.
2 Warlocks #3 cover In issue three Kate, Jeff and Toomai return to New York. Toomai reveals his mystical power to turn into a sort of panther-like animal. In this inconspicuous form he tracks the Vampire through the streets of New York City, with Kate and Jeff following. He mistakenly attacks Tamir instead of Azeroth and gets slightly blasted for his troubles. Azeroth is still gobbling people

The artwork in issue 3 is somewhat variable. Kate is drawn sketchily . Even though dressed in an outrageous mini she just doesn't have "it." Otherwise the art is in a nice Manga style.

WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD: Guardian Angels (Louis with moustache, Rosco with shades, and another) hunt the killer of a lot of whinos (winos). They sent Jojo for the "man" but hearing they are angels, the demon says, "Not quite angels...but soon!" He reaches out and squashes the head of Rosco. The other two run but Azeroth (who is wearing crisscrossed belts across his chest) flies infront of them: his dinner. Greenwich Village: Kate doesn't know how to track down someone even though the ripper has to be the one they are hunting. Toomai has on a jacket. He feels he has failed. Kate tells him not to blame himself. He knows the creature is called a Warlock. He is not the only one possessing special powers. Toomai unbelts his jacket and takes it off, showing his bare body. Kate says, "I'm a grown woman. I think I can assure you I've seen the male ana-" He has fangs and his naked body turns into a panther. Chinatown: David reads in a bookstore of Roger's. Roger asks how David's latest novel is going. David has lots of rejection slips. Roger tells him he will get a bite soon. David leaves as the store closes. The strange stuff happened a few weeks ago. For years, Tamir was David Patrick and was happy. He recalls he and Azeroth were on their way here in a starship years ago to conquer Earth. He sabotaged the controls and crashed the ship. Jeff and Kate follow Toomai, who in panther form, tracks Tamir-David. Jeff and Kate run into a victim that has no face. Police and guardian angel JoJo stop them. Sergeant has a gun and tells them not to move a hair. Kate sports a leather jacket and pocket book, and leather skirt. Jeff has on shorts and a long tee shirt with sleeves and which goes down to almost his shorts end. Inspector Blaine, NYPD wants to question them. The panther tells Tamir he is still evil and jumps on him. Toomai bites his shoulder. Tamir's eyes glow and power throws the panther off him. He finds an unconscious and totally naked boy among the trash: Toomai changed back due to being knocked out. Blaine believes Kate's wild story. He tells his chubby Sergeant to report in and then to follow them with backup. He, Jeff, and Kate go through a part that hasn't seen humans for years. They find the other missing angels or what is left of them, hanging via ropes on their wrists...dead. The demon breaks up from the ground of bricks. Blaine says, "Holy!" The demon says, "Heh heh! Oh nothing holy, I assure you, human!"