Warlocks #4 Aircel, 1988, b&w.
1 Warlocks #4 cover Azeroth confronts Kate and Jeff and a police inspector. The policeman empties his gun into Azeroth and we see the method by which the Vampire takes over another body, in this case the policeman. The infestation by Azeroth somehow causes the body to become gigantic and muscular. Later a new character Heartmoon is introduced. A very gorgeous lady Vampire in a very revealing costume. She provides a good deal of sex-appeal! Meanwhile, Tamir has joined forces with Kate, Jeff and Toomai. They find Tamir's "escape pod" in a cavern beneath Central Park and blast off.
Artwork in issue 4 is very nice, in a smooth Manga style. The scene with Tamir and Toomai--the later nude and tied-up--is nicely drawn. Heartmoon is a real little honey as I have mentioned. The cover of issue 4 is the first that I would call attractive, though the appeal to sex is rather too blatant. Subject is Heartmoon in pin-up regalia. Although the artwork is credited to Barry there is a sequence (pages 12-14) that is definitely drawn by someone else, probably Keown, and has no relation to the story.

Even though the Inspector is told that the demon has their father's body, Blaine fires his gun twice in the chest and some more. The demon picks him up by the neck. From Azeroth's host's body, the two eyes burn out and fly up and into Inspector Blaine, leaving the father a dead eyeless husk, holes where the horns should have been. Azeroth inhabits a new body now, "We all make out in the end. I have a strong new body and you have your father back!" He laughs. Soho: a rather Mel Gibson looking David has Toomai tied with his wrists tied to his upper ankles, still completely naked. They find out via talking that they are allies. David unties Toomai and wants him to take him to his friends. A girl throws a brick through a window and sneaks into a place, past a guard (who, yawning, is reading PORN, PORN, AND MORE PORN). This is part of a bargain. It looks as if Dale Keown has drawn this part. Chinatown: A girl in a shoulder less outfit--tights--waits for what is out there. She tells Azeroth they all have been waiting for him. She is called Heartmoon by him. Central Park: David tells Kate he is sorry about her father. Kate tells him she and Jeff both knew it was inevitable. David still looks like Mel Gibson. Kate asks how he looks human...wondering if he does the same thing to humans. He tells her Azeroth is part warlock and part demon but David is a wizard and he is able to cause illusions. He looks horned and with pointy ears and cape. They go to a sewer. Years ago his escape pod landed here and he was able to move it and seal it here before blacking out and losing his memory (ain't that a lot to do and forget?). They go into it, Tamir using his hand print (and what looks like a STAR TREK Vulcan Live Long and Prosper sign with his fingers). Kate likes the name David better than Tamir Moonstar. Jeff is impressed with the spaceship...saying "Wow!" and, "This is neat-o....just like STAR WARS." Toomai wears a sports jacket and pants with a black tee shirt under it. Kate and Jeff want revenge on Azeroth now...at first all they wanted was their father back. On a screen, David shows them a map of Manhattan and lots of dots which are Warlocks (roughly about between 25 and 30!)! An advance group. Even he doesn't know how many. They came as agents in the guise of humans. Their mission: infiltrate the military and political structure of Earth and wait for their leader to arrive: Azeroth! David wants to see if his old tub still has any guts in it. He flies it out of the bottom.