Warlocks #5 Aircel, 1989, b&w.
1 Warlocks #5 cover Azeroth and Heartmoon set up housekeeping in an abandoned utility tunnel. There they are attacked by six or eight little elves. This is a crossover to the comics Warlock 5 and Kiku San. In both those titles there are elves living in the tunnels under New York City. In any event, Azeroth and Heartmoon mop up the little beggars and would have killed them all except Azeroth wants to keep some as slaves for Heartmoon. (He's a very thoughtful Vampire!) So Heartmoon "wipes their wills away" with a snap of her finger and makes them her slaves! Makes you wonder why they bothered fighting! Given Heartmoon's ultra-sexy appearance their fate seems rather enviable.
Later Patrick, Kate, Jeff and Toomai return to Kate's apartment in Patrick's alien space ship. Nobody pays the slightest attention as they park it on the roof of her building! Patrick has given them all special skin-tight suits which ought to look more sexy than they do. Thus dressed they set out to find Azeroth in the tunnels.
Issue 5 was penciled by Barry and inked by Jim Somerville. The part where Azeroth and Heartmoon fight the elves has some cute and funny drawings. The artwork is not as smooth as the preceding issues.

The spacecraft (which reminds me a little of the Spindrift from LAND OF THE GIANTS) lands on Kate's roof. Jeff, Kate, and David have "superhero" outfits which will stop bullets which would merely knock them down, keep you cool in the heat, warm in the cold, deflect most Earth type bullets and hand grenades. Kate will brew some coffee, even though she is snapping at David, she apologizes. Jeff asks why Toomai didn't get an outfit. His clothes cannot transform when he changes into a demon panther. Kate swears that kid will die of pneumonia before any warlock gets him. Heartmoon and Azeroth are below the city in a forgotten maintenance shaft. He now wears a chain mail top that is short cut. He needs death, destruction, combat, and more...of what Heartmoon can give him. Heartmoon tells him of other that live down here. He sensed them...small scurrying creatures, vermin he calls to come out and be exterminated. Dressed in war uniforms, thongs, and loin cloths with helmets on some, blond elves come out and rush at him with spears, swords, and knives. One is barechested. He crashes two into each other. They stick him but he still pulls the mostly bare one up by the arm. As he trashes the others, one asks barechested Aron if he can get up. He thinks the creature is from the Black Nebula itself (see ELFLORD and companion titles). They figure if they kill the woman, she might be the key. A barechested one is down near the two. The girl makes Aron and the one with the jacket unable to move. She thinks it will be a pleasure to tie their windpipes in knots but the demon stops them. He is shoving others into a pipe by their butts. These two are the only ones left and a Queen like Heartmoon needs servants. She snaps her fingers and wipes their wills away. Azeroth shoves the others into the pipe, stuffing them, pushing their bare bodies, scrunching them up. A mindroid waits in the cellar of the building that houses the plans of these tunnels. At midnight, she will detonate the bomb strapped to her, destroying the entire structure and all the records. She has activated the warlocks and all but one responds...Nazier it seems has chosen another path (WARLOCK 5). Azeroth says, "Pity, he was a good warrior." In the city, two men drink it up past curfew. Hunters come after them. Their jeep-car crashes (3JVULI). Travis, the one who cannot walk and tells the other to ahead without him. The other, Martin, carries him. Travis smokes and is caught. Martin hides in a bathroom. Travis is taken to see an android man taken apart or being put together. His leather jacket is taken. He combs his hair. He is taken before a boss man who is in tie and jacket. If Travis doesn't sign some papers giving them the right to use his body in experiments, he will have to be killed because he saw the inside of this complex. Kate wakes up David who was dreaming of another time, another world. Jeff and Toomai were watching Letterman and it was interrupted by a news bulletin. The records building has blown up. One hour later, the foursome are hunting him in the tunnels. Toomai is half boy, half hairy panther. Kate says, "I got a bad feeling about this." Jeff is glad the suits keep out moisture as they pad through water. Kate says, "Too bad they still let you have the creeps." They find bodies ripped to shreds and eaten. Toomai warns of 2 mindroids coming at them, zombie like with ripped clothes, knees turned inward on some, long hair, bulging eyes, bare stomachs and chests, ripped jackets and vests. One wears a short cut shirt.