Warlocks #6 Aircel, 1989, b&w.
1 Warlocks #6 cover Azeroth, Heartmoon and a couple of happy-looking elves are driving "out west" in a van. A pair of local-yokel cops stop the van. The cops argue over who shall be the first to "question" Heartmoon, until Azeroth crawls out of the van and rips them both to shreds!

Meanwhile back in New York, The good guys (Patrick, Kate, Jeff and Toomai) have located Azeroth's former hideout. There they find a map with the next place to search conveniently marked.

Artwork similar to issue 5

The 2 mindroids attack, "Kill!! Kill!!" They are mindless zombies, probably once homeless tramps. They cannot feel pain. The only way to make one let go is to kill it. One has Toomai who jumped at them. Toomai loses his panther form. becoming a naked boy. Kate distracts the other while David tries to free the boy. David uses the Moonstar Power, asking the Great Spirit to forgive him. He smashes the zombie's head from its neck, the spine trailing the head. He tells the humans to get down as he blasts the one wearing the short cut shirt. It implodes. Clem and Jessie chase a speeding van. This ol' boy is gonna be coolin' his heels in Cousin Jed's hoosgow. Heartmoon, her shirt open to reveal naked upper body beneath and shorts, an elf boy with cap on and tank top and short shorts come out. The elf boy wears a tank top with OP on the left side. The older officer wants Heartmoon and takes her to the back of the rig. He tells her to open it. She says, "If you insist." The demon comes out, "Hello officer." The other cop, the fatter one, says, "You boys look kinda funny to me. Get what I'm saying?" The other elf who was at the wheel, is outside too. He has on a different type of hat. The other cop returns, his face bleeding, bit off. The fat one says, "Oh mah! Oh Mah! Yo face! You ain't got no face!" Azeroth tells him there is a term, "To wear your heart on your sleeve. Let's see." He digs his hand into the cop's chest and pulls his heart out, "Here...now you can wear it anyplace you like." The cop holds it as they leave. Azeroth felt Moonstar use his powers. The van pulls away. Toomai looks more like a wolf now. Kate figures Azeroth was only in NY for a month or so. David feels Heartmoon was here for longer, he sensed her presence. She worked on advanced weaponry. Due to a lack of materials from the mother ship, Heartmoon had to work with Earth equipment. David is a wizard not a scientist so the plans that Jeff finds mean nothing to him. Kate finds a map of the Southern States and South America. There is a circle where the temple is. They may be going back to the wrecked ship. There is also an X in Arizona. Something was constructed in this room-something evil. With the equipment in the mother ship, they will mass produce it. David feels they have to find out what it is.