Warlocks #7 Aircel, 1989, b&w.
1 Warlocks #7 cover Azeroth and Heartmoon are in the Amazon. To return to the temple, he will want a small out of the way wharf. Hotachi has loaded the Blue Assed Buzzard and is ready to go. Homer asks Peppi if he wants to go with them but he tells them he and his crew cannot go without sleep. Buzzard leaves with Hotachi and Homer. Azeroth puts his hands in the water and conjures up dark powers that flourish in this world to give him a crew. A claw rises from the water up the side of the boat. Miguel heard a noise and goes up on deck. Peppi tells him, "Fine. Have fun." There, he sees sleeping boys in shorts only and one in a vest only, looking totally naked underneath. The boys get up (and now one with the vest has on a small loin cloth. A hairy creature with claws grabs Miquel and decapitates him. Another is following it. Two creatures get on board and surround the two boys. Peppi comes out and points a gun but his upper arm is ripped from the rest of his arm with the gun in it. Azeroth tells Heartmoon their boat is ready. He also tells her that Tamir Moonstar is probably in Arizona where they tested the germ bomb they now carry. "Even I would not want to be there." In a jeep with a cover, Toomai is shirtless and probably naked, Jeff wears a shirt that says MICHELLE SHOCKED. Two figures, Chug and Boozer watch them. Chug orders Boozer to get the others, thinking these four have returned, having been here before. The four find decayed bodies, some kind of germ assault, David figures. The whole town has just rotted away. Jeff says, "It's horrible." They follow chanting, being watched by three men in bandages. Surrounding a fire are robed people, survivors. Kate wonders if there is nothing they can do for them. The three bandage faces come up behind them, "Yes woman, you can feed us." They run. One bandage face with a baseball cap is Charlie. Boozer has gone to get Billy Bob. Billy Bob, a fat, giant man with crisscrossed bandage on his face is blocking all of them, "Billy Bob not happy!!"