Warlocks #8 Aircel, 1989, b&w.
1 Warlocks #8 cover In issue 10 all the good guys are gathered in the Secret Temple which they have fortified. They are being attacked by Azeroth and Heartmoon and their force of giant rats & such. During the assault Tamir (Patrick), Kate, Jeff and Toomai magically pop in. Tamir and Azeroth square off with inconclusive results. To Be Continued.

The artwork has Barry's pencils inked by Alex Szewczuk. While the fight scene between Azeroth and Tamir is effective, the art seems very sketchy by comparison to Barry's inks. The cover, by Barry, is a different story. It depicts Azeroth being attacked by five temple guardians, in tones of blue and black with yellow highlights, it is very nice.

The inside rear cover has a full page ad for the comic Sapphire.

Azeroth and Heartmoon are about to cross paths with Homer Bently and Hotachi Kimura...Samurai. The four are in a hut, captured. The mutants who will eat them think they are the ones who set off the germ bomb. The Doc mutant wants to check the four out. Toomai has on a cape or a blanket. One wears a Cat hat and tells Jeff, "We don't want you hurtin' any of that tender meat. Har Har." Amazon jungle: a man with a hunchback and one closed eye and one bulging eye and a cane is with two muscular but small native boys who wear loin cloths and carry spears. The old one is a wizard and he touches one boy guard on the shoulder and stomach and chest, telling them he feels something evil is outside ready to return. The boys are here to guard this place as a passage into warrior hood. Hotachi yells and Homer spits out booze (with a bloosh!). Tank top wearing Hotachi asks him what he is doing drinking while steering the boat. They are headed for a mine. Peppi's boat comes near them. As the boat passes a wolf-rat creature jumps at them. Homer says, "Jumpin catfish!!!" Homer is whacked off the thing. Hotachi kicks it off him, "Alright you son of a bitch. This time I'm ready." They clash and Hotachi gets clawed across his chest after getting a few good punches in. He falls but Homer puts a hole via a shotgun into the thing's mouth which he can now see through the back of its head out of! He shoots it again and it falls into the water, a long tail trailing. The Doc in Arizona has one eye. Doc thinks the bomb killed the weak ones and they who survived are better now, not confused any more. They die, they rot, fall apart. They need human flesh. Kate asks David what he will do. He invokes the moonstar power and once called, there is no turning back. "It is the beginning of the end," he roars as he turns into the demon form of Tamir Moonstar. Heartmoon and Azeroth feel this. They know he cannot turn back. Their powers are now equal. They need the equipment in the temple. Homer patches up Hotachi. Hotachi has a new shirt on and a leather jacket. They see the hunchback who had a dream the evil one would come in a boat up river. He does not expect them to understand. He walks off. The two look at each other. They call to him to wait. Homer sighs, "I'll get my gear." Hotachi tells the old man, "I think we've seen this evil. It did come by boat. We'd like to go to your temple and help."