Warlocks #9 Aircel, 1989, b&w.
1 Warlocks #9 cover David, in demon form, towers over the mutants, his shirt off, only his pants and cape on. His horns are out and his eyes are non-pupil ones. Toomai has acquired shorts, his blanket gone, his upper body bare. Kate tells the two boys to hide. The mutants tell "moonfella" that he can go now. He turns them to skeletons and booms the town. Kate, Toomai, and Jeff are alive in some kind of force bubble. The demon form tells "stripling" Jeff that there is no longer a David. He must bring cosmic power to bear and obliterate Azeroth. Amazon: native boys: all wear loin cloths and carry either spears of sticks. One has a crisscross over his cheeks and forehead while a rope neck band is on. Another has a headband with a jewel on it and arrows on his belt. Another has arrows on his belt which also has spiked bones all around it--teeth from some animal. The jeweled headband one is Atro and tells Mogie something is wrong. Mogie, the one with the spiked teeth belt steps in something squishy and gets stuck. Atro calls Ebber to give them a hand. The crisscross finds the missing scouts--boys stuck in goo to trees, their bellies bare and out, their mouths covered. One boy is almost completely goo-covered. Their eyes follow them and they seem to be alive but stuck in the same stuff that has trapped Mogie. One feels they can't just leave them. Hearing the others scream they run back, blow guns ready. A wolf rat creature picks up Mogie. The boys fire blow darts but the wolf-rat puts the boy in his claws infront of the darts. The darts hit him, one between his nipples and the other to the right of his navel. The boy spits out and goes stiff. The rat-wolf monster shoves the blow dart gun up Atro's mouth and picks him up, then craks it over another. Homer and Hotachi hear this. They are near the forbidden city. The old man tells them without him the kid guards have little chance against magic and he tells Homer he fear his old legs will not get him to the battle fast enough. Relating, Homer tells the old man he is no spring chicken either. Hotachi gives Homer his pack and runs. There are only three kids left. The rat-wolf is pulling the tongue out of another. A sword goes out the wolf's front chest from his back--Hotachi who attacks it. It tosses the stick boy still having it in his mouth--at Hotachi. Hotachi cuts its arms off. Two boys are crying, one holding himself. The other puts his arms on Hotachi's shoulder, "You saved us warrior." The other is also touching Hotachi's other shoulder, the boy has the crisscross on his face, "We are your slaves forever, master." Homer and the old man, "pops" as Homer calls him, arrive. Azeroth knows the boys have found themselves a champion. He and Heartmoon are near the goo stuck boys. He plans to take over the temple, crushing Moonstar and these fools. The temple and the world will be his. Heartmoon grabs a boy's leg up from his goo covered crotch, the boy's belly bare, "As we've always known...now come and help me pick dinner."