in Elfquest vol. 2 #7
Warp, Dec 1996, b&W.
1 FireEye #7 cover
    This short story is the beginning of Elflord vol. 1 #1.
  ELFLORD preview by Barry Blair and Colin Chan: A world yet forming is Pangia. Hawk Erik—san treads lightly across the world lines, wandering, called by a timeless rhythm. With thong, belt, necklace,wrist bands, and sword, Hawk enters a flowery water area in a grove. In scattered, secret places, a race of beings——white haired, delicate——has come to exist. They take the name Sidhe and are charged with care of an ancient magic. They are order, adrift in the chaos of the new world. One of their number, carrying within him a forceful destiny yet unknown is Windblade. There are forces at work that do not wish to see that destiny fulfilled. Windblade has on a shortcut vest top and a thong. There is a fat white cat near him on steps as he is attacked by two creature men, each with one eye and messy hair. It is now that Hawk surfaces and sees this, fighting the one eyed monster men. He stabs one in the right side of the chest, puts himself whirling around to face the oncoming other, pulls his sword out of the one behind him and swipes across the second one. Two is greater than one. Hawk and Windblade have been set on parallel paths that may or may not lead to the same goal. For now, they journey in the same direction—toward a new land...a land that will know the coming of ELFLORD. Windblade picks up the cat after it rubs around their legs. The two go into the jungle as the cat sits on rock in the lake.