Elflord vol. 1 #1 Warp, Jan 1997, b&w.
1 Elflord vol. 1 #1 cover "Serpents in the Garden"

One of many thousands of islands, uncharted, in Pangia. Windblade swims while Hawk Erik—San watches. Hawk is escorting Windblade to Kathay. Hawk naps. A magician, living on the highest point of the island, is not ready for the white hair to be on the island. He realizes a Srith is sneaking up on Hawk. A fallen leaf wakes Hawk up, "Humnh? Whuzzis?" A four armed Srith warrior attacks Hawk. He questions Hawk about where Windblade is. Hawk lies but Windblade, the bubble head as Hawk calls him, flies out of the water, "Oh Hawk, this is wonderful!!" Hawk gets to his swords and he fights the Srith of the Drak Clan. Srith were cast out of dragon lore centuries ago. Hawk runs up a tree. Windblade makes the Srith fall but gets an ache in his head. The Srith moves at him now. Hawk jumps onto the Srith's shoulder. Windblade yells at the Srith as it tosses Hawk down, ready to kill him. Srith tells the white haired fluff that Master Ravenclaw wants him alive. Three fairy boys fly and shoot darts at it. It tells them to stop stinging. One asks, "Did he just tell us to stop stinking?" Another says, "He's the fool that stinks!" The fairies make him angrier to speed the venom through his veins.
Backup story: "Samurai", beginning of Warp Samurai.

By Barry Blair and Colin Chan.
  Kowloon: a boy loves this place of 9 dragons, he being the 9th. The General and the boy emperor dove to their deaths rather than surrender. Homer Bentley sits and reads but realizes a red boy in a thong and tunic is sneaking up on him as other also seem to fish. This boy seems to be a fairy that will lead Homer into the next world. They talk. Homer watches a girl who is a player in the current tragedy. Homer is amazed by a ripple on a pond can make such a flood. He will not explain himself more to the boy since the boy can do more mischief if he has more information. China: The girl thinks a boy on a bike is Gui Lo or Lo Fan. Homer seems to be working for the Fates or something. The boy on the bike eats noodles he thinks are good and he is using chop sticks. The girl walks past him, he thinking her stuck up and elitist. Homer is thankful Red Boy isn't here as he watches the boy drive off. The people of Han are in the hands of fate.