Here shall be thanked all the kind souls
who made this site possible, and helped in filling it.

First of all, let me thank Barry Blair for his brilliant imagination and drawing skills, both having enlightened the dull everyday's life, with dreamworlds of moving beauty and emotions.
Now our dear Kellie, who connected me back to Elflord, thanks to her wonderful site.
Glen Hammonds of Raw Comics, who carefully gathered a lot of B.B. comics for fans' sake. THANKS A LOT for the invaluable work he did, along with Bill Yakey, in creating a reference book of all Barry's works and related stuff. You are strongly encouraged to visit his site and order the "King of the Elves" book which will bring every details a true fan needs.
Prince Torisan of Jessarton, for his warm welcome inside the walls of his city, and a good bunch of collectables issues.
Ariel Wulff for Team Nippon cover scans and abstracts, and his sweet drawings too.
Kurt Cassauwers for a LOT of cover scans and abstracts, along with strong support.
Charles Mento for his extensive synopsis and reviews of most of the Blair's comics. A lot of the abstracts in this site have been built after his works. They are credited with the CM letters.
Two brothers-in-soul: J, for his kind mails and reviews and The Grey Prince, for his nice scans of hard-to-find issues.

Elflord, its logos, characters, situations, related indicia and their distinctive likenesses are trademarks of Barry Blair. All rights reserved worldwide. This site has been created with Barry Blair's generous permission to display the Elflord and related material seen.

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