You will quickly notice this site is not fully done. A lot of comics from Night Wynd, Aircel, Nightwynd and other B.B. stuff didn't cross the Atlantic, and we missed it here. Entire series are totally unknown. That is why we need your help with filling in the blanks.
Wherever you see the "Wanted" sign in lieu of a comic's cover, or no picture at all, it means we are missing the whole comic.
We need two scans of the cover: one small (192x12X pts) and another (384x25X), full colours where suited, JPEG best quality.

**NO GIFS, please**
**NO 256 colours**
Wanted sign Next, we need an abstract of the story in the comic, to fill the panel right to the cover.

Be careful, if there is a Backup Story referenced, we shall need the same picture (of the first page)+abstract bundle.

For more informations,
please email to the Webmaster.

Inside the "Site MAP" page, series are checked against completeness:

Under Construction




We have all the comics, just needing more time to type the abstratcs

We are missing some of the comics

We have none :(

Scans and abstracts are all done

ůso you can direct yourself and make your mind about any help you could bring.

All contributors will be individually thanked and, at their will, listed in the "Credits" page.

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*We need your HELP