D-Alpha graphic novel Malibu Graphics, 1990, b&w, Adult. 77 pages 11x8.5"
1 DA 1-1 cover Welcome to the future, David Alpha!

All your life has been spent orbiting the world, confined to your space station home with your brothers and sisters. Waiting to die.
The plan was simple. Re-populate the globe with a perfect race, once all life was gone. Yet your masters became impatient and planned to speed up the process.
Thus you rebelled and now find yourself among the humans, the last vestiges o civilization.
And what a bizarre world it had become. From the mutant infested plains to the wild marauding wasteland gangs to the last of the giant cities, man's last hope is being eaten away from within by perversion and decay.
This is a fine home you've chosen, David Alpha.
You may live to like it.

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