Greenlock #11 Aircel Comics, Mar 1991, b&w.
1 GL 1-1 cover By Angel de Mioche and Xiao Gui.
A young boy in army boots, cap, jacket with Japanese writing on the back, no shirt, freckles, punkish hair cut, triangular ear ring on his right ear, walks to a rigged make shift computer and writes about what has happened. Hatred had built up. On their island of Greenlock they were content but in the city across the channel if they wanted you out of apartment they made it hard for you until you moved. At a bridge are two boys. One has on a garbage can cover for armor and a GI Joe labeled helmet. The other has a baseball catcher's cover and a Robo-Cop labeled helmet. Biker types, one with lipstick, a hanging ear ring on her left ear (Olive North), some with German helmets, caps, rags on their heads, crewcuts, etc, attack. A boy yells, "Holy shi..!" The battle was met...a boy with a helmet with an angel label of PEACE drives a pointed stick at a man. One man grabs a boy around the waist. Olive North drives her warriors on. One has a bald head with a swatstika on it. Saladin, a boy with an R2D2 labeled helmet tells his aide to make everyone fall back. On his armor is face that is drawn with a "Blagh!!" A loud trumpet is sounded and the boys fall back. One boy had his helmet cracked (it read RA) by a hit on the head. Saladin mined the bridge with explosives. The Guild called a meeting. Saladin has braided hair with long extending braids from behind, a punk curled perm in front like a Mohican. A long haired blond kid thinks it was a stupid move to blow the was a lifeline. Saladin says, "Straight to Shrubb's stronghold. A kid with short blond hair and a triangular ear ring in his right ear agrees, unless they fight they will lose Greenlock. In the meeting room are other kids: a tall skinny kid with beret, black Knight like tunic with a stripe on each shoulder and stripes on the right pants leg. A boy sitting with his arm in a sling and a bandage on his head. Another boy with his arm around that one, sitting next to him in a kind of suspenders outfit with the top hanging down a bit, showing one nipple. A light skinned black boy with curly hair, a large brimmed cap (with buttons and pins of stars a half moon), a large nose ring in his left nostril) and an overcoat sees the video link activate. President Shrubb calls. They cost him a lot of soldiers last night. He wants their island. The light black boy tells him they don't want to fight, they just want to be left alone. Shrubb makes a long speech, "Left alone? To do what? You're an island of blasted artists. All you do is paint pictures, do sculptures, write books and poetry. For pity sake, wake up. I need land for industry. Greenlock cries out to be developed. I need factories. I create jobs. I tell you holding back is not prudent at this juncture. I want your island. Read my lips." As he does this a kid with suspenders sticks his tongue out and gives him the middle finger with each hand, "Blaar!" Behind him is a tall black boy with robes and a Yin Yang symbol, his bowler hat has a half moon on it and he has one long braid behind his head. Next to him is the long haired kid with beret. They tell him to drop dead. Saladin, ear ring in his left ear, tells them they will fight. Generations ago, adults, as a form of responsibility for the youth, passed the government and the decision making on to the younger generation. It worked well and gave their parents the time they needed to create the fabulous works of art Greenlock was known for all over the world. It was the youths' job to make the decisions and they did. Beside, kids always know better. Just ask any kid! Shrubb thought they sold explosives to the "little buggers" when Olive tells him she didn't know they had explosives. North has jammed their radio signals and cut their communications. They can't last. Shrubb looks out his window, confused, getting one of his headaches, "It looks like a thousand points of light. I'm the most important industrialist in the western world. I've covered the country with a forest of smoke stacks. I've put my brand on the very air we breathe. Now a bunch of kids are stopping me." A kid faced aide comes in ("Oh just what I needed, Danny Partridge."). The aide brings in Bishop O'Shea of the Church of the Holy Gun. Shrubb should tell him to stand in the corner of the oval office. He doesn't want to cheer up. He wants Greenlock, "Read my lips." They have news about a secret weapon made by Dr. Lombata, head scientist. Shrubb falls over on his chair in happiness now. On Greenlock, they go about passing out weapons, reinforcing existing barricades, building shelters, and praying. A kid with a blond straw hair with a ponytail sticking out the top asks for another drink from little kid Wart behind the bar. Also behind the bar is a happy faced giant man with a moustache. The writer of this story is the kid, young and in a one piece smock (seemingly naked underneath), the shoulder band of which keeps falling off. A kid with a punk hairdo, most of it hanging over from the back of his head to the front has a nose ring in the right nostril which has a chain that links up to an ear ring in the right ear. He plays a board game with another punk hairdo kid, blond and severely cut like a broom. The broom head asks Chips, the glass wearing wizard what his crystal ball tells him. Chips also has a rag on his head, tied at the back and a cool, designed overcoat. On his head rag is a crescent or half moon. Chips thinks Saladin has a big mouth. Chips tells them Shrubb controls the media and by now the rest of the country thinks they are a bunch of left wing crazies, burning flags, and painting filthy pictures. They'd love it when they get whipped. He doesn't think they should give up. Chips thinks they need a miracle to save them...or the Avatar. The two board playing kids laugh. Wart asks what is an Avatar. They tell him to go ask the wizard. He runs to do this, his feet bare. Chips has always kept to himself. His kind always did. His uncle had taught him all he knew before he was killed in a Skin raid. The older kids didn't trust Chips. "Hullo Wart," Chips says. The little ones just feared Chips. Chips saw his eyes light up on mention of the Avatar. Chips tells him, "The Avatar is a force really...a ghost to some. Our grandfathers knew of it. It was like a legend, a protector of Greenlock. It's supposed to manifest itself in time of great need." Alarms went off at a the main power plant. The Nazis army of Shrubb had found the subterranean power cables running from the main land to the island. It was a shaft big enough to walk through. Chip says, "Wart, run! It's a surprise attack. Get help!" Wart says, "But Chip?" Chip pushes him. With no time for armor, Saladin and his warriors arrived just then and threw themselves at the heavily armed soldiers like lambs to the slaughter.. that's the best way to describe it. A kid with a bushy punk hairdo holds his bloody chest. A kid with 3 ear rings in his right ear has a spear. A soldier has a brass knuckle on his left hand and hits a kid. Another kid with a top pony tail has tree like ear rings. Wart's smock has an SCO on it. "Till then I had never seen real combat. I'd gotten in the usual fights with other kids, had my share of nicks and cuts--even a broken arm once--but nothing could have prepared me for the horror of that day! Flesh ripped...bodies crushed...blood flowing like water...and then it first just a feeling...a good feeling of strength. The Avatar!" Nipples showing out of his raggy smock, Wart cheers as Avatar arrives, a face mask over his head, his nose and mouth only showing. He is skinny and has a black and white shield (possibly black and yellow), yellow boots, yellow belt, yellow mask with red eye slits, yellow gloves, and a purple skin tight body outfit (colors from the cover which has bleeding soldiers on it on the ground with Avatar's shield having blood on one side of it). The warriors were falling back by this time, their spirits broken. Then suddenly Avatar, a bolt of sheer energy slammed into the enemy, body diving among them. It was beautiful in all its horror. He moved with the terrible grace of a tiger, swift as a cobra, as deadly as black panther. He puts his shield into the face of a soldier, splitting the face. Warriors took heart and the enemy faltered which was all Avatar needed. The kids swept over the enemy in a wave, driving them back to the tunnel. One kid with black hair has a smirk of glee on his face. Another seems Oriental and has a long tail from his black hair and a smile on his face, no shirt on and gym shorts. Another has a nose ring from nostril to nostril and a blond pony tail up on his head. Another blond has freckles, a double ringed ear ring in his right ear and a butterfly or fish ear ring in his left ear. This kid also has on a collar with small spikes and no shirt on. Behind them is a kid with spiked short hair. The enemy died by the hundreds at the mouth of the tunnel. On her way back, Olive destroyed the cables, cutting their electricity off but they didn't care. When the dust had settled, Avatar was gone. But they won. Wounded kids, bandaged around the chest, stomach, and head dance. One has three long ear ring chains (on his left ear) with small studs on the end. He also has on socks. Kids hug each other, put their arms around each other, wave blankets. Wart finds the Avatar's shield (which also has some kind of three vent square sticking from it with three sides attached fully). Wart knew the Avatar would come again when they needed him. That night they could hear Shrubb's screams across the water. Shrubb yells about the magic warrior, "They're kids! Kids! I want them dead! Dead! Kill the whole island!" Partridge thinks the chief is really steamed. Mr. Lombata shows Danny Boy down steps--soon they will have something better than some so called magic warrior..."Very soon," Lombata says as he shows them a hunched over yellow eyed, non pupiled, clawed monster in a dark room!!!

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