Jake Thrash #1 Aircel Publishing, 1987, colour.
  JT 1-1 cover Story by Barry Blair, art by Dave Cooper.

Quite dark a story, in a Blade-Runner like future, though far worse. A lot of mutants, no law, no hope.

Art is very good, if VERY different from Barry's. Assoretd with the plot, btw. Printing quality is not that bad, considering the toilet-paper used. The REAL art was much better, as shown on the iriginals being sold through eBay.
  Jake Thrash #2 Aircel, 1988, colour.
  JT 1-2 cover  
  Jake Thrash book 1 (collection) Malibu Graphics, 1989, b&w.
1 JT 1-3 cover Includes the stories in JT 1-1 and 1-2, and the unpublished Jake Thrash #3.

The b&w reprinting fu**ed all the art, which was nicely coloured, and turned it to almost unvisible blotches or darkness.

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