Pendragon #1 Aircel Comics, Nov 1991, b&w.
P PD 1-1 cover Darkness grew. A man in an alley is a bastard from a long line of bastards. In one frame his cousin looks like Mel Gibson. He calls to his cousin, calling him Mordred. A man with a beard looks for the both of them. The man in the alley with black overcoat told the warrior with the tank top and sword that they would fight man to man: a fib as the overcoat man turn to a giant werewolf and lets it kill him. The bearded man, Mydrin, arrives, calling the werewolf, "Blake!" Mydrin will not allow him to be harmed. Behind Mydrin a pointy earred, white eyed, black long haired monster warrior (that looks alot like Ravenclaw from ELFLORD) puts a knife into the old man's shoulder. The warrior cries out, "Master! No!" The man says, "Oh, be quiet and die. There's a good chap." The werewolf breaks the warrior's neck. Mydrin vanishes, the knife that was him remaining and falling to the ground. Ravenclaw or whatever he is, has on a leather jacket and work pants. The warrior's sword is also gone. Mydrin apologizes to Blake, the dead warrior. NY University: evening: black haired Liz arrives to Valerie Pender, a blond who is waiting for her to go to Civilization Course. Liz wants to go to Googies for a cappachino. Val wants to go to class. Val has been having dreams about her standing on a Stonehedge with Druids pulling a sword out of a rock. Or she dreams about cutting rat shit lying in a boat somewhere on Dover. Val mentions a meadow faire. Ravenclaw watches them. He tells the Master that the girl has had the dreams, she being one of a lusty line, the Bear Clan. The girls go to class where the semi bald professor talks about Hadrian's Wall cutting the Picts off. The prof asks to talk to Val after class. Liz teases her and Val tells her to "blow it out your..." The prof tells her she is special when they are alone. He is misunderstood by her and she runs out. A form rises from the bushes, "Now yo die, earthling!" It is Liz having a laugh. The Prof (named Mr. Finch) is called wizard by the Ravenclaw thing. The Prof says, "Damn you." Ravenclaw says, "Too late." The master comes out of the dark. Liz goes to spray him with mace, "This prick is toast." The master wears an ear ring in his left ear, "Oh my. You thought I'd actually touch you." The werewolf picks up Liz. Finch blows dust into Ravenclaw's face and runs to help Val. Liz is killed. The master says, "He'll make a fine necklace of her bones, you know." Val is an heir. The master wants the three Ds--death, despair, dominance. He wants evil. A long line of warriors have thwarted him. Starting with his own father, Artus, the battle betwixt light and darkness has gone back and forth. He spouts the spread of evil: kids give birth to crack babies and toss them down garbage chutes, 6 people a day become murderers in NYC, moms won't let the schools pass out condoms to kids who are bopping all over the streets, the daddies on Wall Street scoring wicked blow up, jungles burning, death rays in orbit, a hole in the ozone layer, Cuba's the next target for war. This Master is Mordred, "Welcome to my kingdom, bitch!" Finch arrives and tells the girl to fight now. She is transformed in a bikini leather clad warrior with sword, boots, and fingerless gloves. Mordred, the master, yells at Mydrin, calling him Merlin. Pendragon, the girl Val (with jeweled head dress), kills the werewolf. Finch calls her Pendragon. The sword: Excaliber.
  Pendragon #2 Aircel, Dec 1991, b&w.
1 PD 1-2 cover Once Mordred was a mere serf, a byblow of a drunken noble and tavern wench. He apprenticed to the castle of the mongrel dog who sired him and learned. The old Druid priest believed that as his son, Mordred loved him. He learned his secrets of immortality, set fire to the castle and devoured the life forces of that fool and the cur who father he will do to the two street men he's picked up. They thank him. Mordred talks to his Master and the Master promises he will have his fun with the bitch who killed his monster. Mordred raises the knife over the two young men and kills them, feasting on their souls. Beneath a large angel statue, Val kneels, asking why Liz sacrificed herself for her. Finch arrives and she blames him. Her best friend is dead. Finch tells her so is his. His best friend was that monster who was once a very good man, kind and wise, and a wizard without peers. He was taken in by a handsome knight who claimed to be wounded in battle. They became closer than brothers. Why is it, he asks, that mortals think evil can only be ugly? Mordred tricked his friend into a binding spell of master and slave. He was a beast of immortal evil until Val set him free. The angel of death statue comes to life--Mordred. Val turns into Pendragon and swords it. Mordred tells slave Ravenclaw to watch her. The old fool will take her to the strongest area of the lay lines: Central Park. A prostitute tells him for ten dollars he doesn't have to be lonely. She asks if he likes it standing up. He kills her, tells her he does, and decides to keep his ten bucks. Three lay lines meet in Central Park. Pendragon asks why she is in a skimpy little costume freezing her buns off. He gives her his coat but it will hamper her sword arm. The Prof. Finch is really Myrdin (yes, a different spelling than in issue 1), Merlin. Blake was a distant cousin of hers. Without a Pendragon, Merlin cannot stop Mordred's evil from coming into this world and controlling it. Merlin asks if Liz's sacrifice can't be enough for her. Val is crying tears, "You can be a bastard." Merlin says, "If it's a matter of life and death, yes I can!" Val says, "Yea, your life and death." They argue a bit more. Mordred tells Ravenclaw not to underestimate Merlin. He won't let Ravenclaw watch as he uses a knife to kill two more men, one for the lines and one for him. He cannot let Merlin have a clear energy node. This sacrifice is over the strongest line. Evil energy flows into the node. Merlin tries to clean it. Though the sky is clear, there was a flash. Val loses the sword. Ravenclaw attacks her. She retrieves it and fights Ravenclaw. She stabs him in the heart. Mordred meant for Val to kill Ravenclaw. Now, he can take Ravenclaw's energy. It will double Mordred's power and...Mordred is surrounded by five or more evil demon giants, entities coming out.

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