Mythography #6 (short story)
Bardic Press, Nov 1997, b&w.
1 Short story first page
By Barry Blair and Colin Chan

"Chasing the Wave"

In the jungle Tapiet drives a jeep that has a raft under it like CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG once did. In the jeep is a bored Foxfire and Koogie in Squirrel form. They are more dressed than they ever have been. Foxfire has a three bone necklace in some frames. He also wears a fingeróless leather glove. He motions for them to be quiet. Tentacles come up out of the water but they move the jeep faster. They dock at the side of a grass knoll and find a tree house. Inside they find a chest with a book on it; Foxfire shines a light on it

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