Stratonaut #4 Night Wynd, 1991, b&w.
1 Stratonaut #4 cover Using a car lug wrench, Kestrel slashes into a guard who wears a skull belt buckle. Perri watches in shock as the guy falls. Kess tells him to snap out of it and asks him where the bomb is. It is in the tower. Kess tells Perri he should stay here, maybe. Perri wants to help him. The Master sees them and with two men tries to take them. Perri swings on the atomic bomb which is hanging from a chain on the ceiling. The trio of men jump out the window and splash into a moat. Henry arrives. The mustached Spanish looking thug didn't arm the bomb: the Master did when the Mayor didn't call back. The Master rests the gun away from Henry and shoots the Spanish thug in the back. He then puts the gun at Henry's face. Henry thought the Master had Perrigrine brainwashed. The Master tells Hank (NOTE: no one seems to know how to spell Perri's name the same way more than twice and NOW Henry's name has become Hank!?!!?). The boys see the Master tell Henry to kill Kestrel, the little shit. Kess cries but takes action. The door has no lock so Kess asks Perri to help him move the table in front of it. They look for his wings. They find the wings and both plan to hold the bomb but Kess will tow Perri and the bomb behind him on a chain with Perri wearing bat wings. The Master and Henry krash in. Henry stops the Master from killing the boys. The Master calls him an asshole. Henry says, "They're all ready to fly away like little bombardiers, commander, as in living Enola Gays..." The Master puts his gun in his pants. Henry slaps Kess who calls him a fiend. Hank-Henry's plan is to let the boys be chained together to the bomb. Hank does something to the mechanism. Kess doesn't see this and is mad as he looks at Hank. The key to the lock will be at the top most point of the Empire State Building--the Master will put it there with his dirigible. They have 25 minutes to get it or the bomb will go off. Hank says, "Don't look at me like that, Kess." Kess calls him a scum.
Kess tells Perri that even if they do get the key, they will be too close to ground zero and the city will go up with the bomb anyway. They will fly as far out to sea as they can. Perri says, "But we'll be killed...." Kess says, "I know." Henry tries to tell them something as they fly out. He hopes they didn't go in the same direction as the maniac.The Master tells his men that he lied--the key is not on the Empire State. Perri cries, not wanting to die. Kess tells him he doesn't want to either and cries tears, being scared shitless, man.
The zeppelin is 50 miles off the coast. Ten minutes early: the Master will set off the bomb now. Someone (either the Master or Henry who is still at the tower) sets off the control device and the bomb blows up the zeppelin. The boys see it go up. Kess is happy, "The Professor! He's a good guy after all!" Perri says, "I hope he has a dupe key." Kess says, "Oh, Perri, bitch, bitch bitch." Perri laughs.

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