Black Zeppelin #5 (pencils)
Renegade Press, Oct 1986, b&w.
  Black Zeppelin #5 cover  
  Icarus #5 (writing)
Aircel Publishing, 1987, b&w.
s AM 1-2 cover  
  Icarus #6 (writing & inks)
Aircel, 1987, b&w.
  AM 1-3 cover  
  Maelstrom #10 (writing)
Aircel, 1988, b&w.
  AM 1-4 cover  
  Ghouls #1 (cover art)
Eternity Comics, Jan 1989, b&w.
s AM 2-1 cover  
  The Three Musketeers #2 (cover art)
Eternity, Mar 1989, b&w.
  AM 2-2 cover  
  The Three Musketeers (collection) (back cover art)
Malibu Graphics, 1990, b&w.
  AM 2-2A back cover  
  Tiger X book 2 #1 (inks)
Eternity, Jun 1989, b&w.
  AM 2-3 cover  
  Sinbad: The Four Trials #1 (tones)
Adventure Comics, Nov 1989, b&w.
  AM 2-4 cover  
  Scimidar book 3 #1 (tones)
Eternity, Jan 1990, b&w, Adult.
  AM 2-5 cover  
  Shuriken: Cold Steel #1 (cover art)
Eternity, Jul 1989, b&w.
s AM 3-1 cover  
  Shuriken: Cold Steel #2 (cover art)
Eternity, Aug 1989, b&w.
  AM 3-2 cover  
  Shuriken: Cold Steel #3 (tones)
Eternity, Sep 1989, b&w.
  AM 3-3 cover  
  The Mummy's Curse #1 (plot)
Aircel Comics, Nov 1990, b&w.
s AM 4-1 cover Plot: Barry Blair
Script and Art: Jim Somerville
Midnight downtown: a band called the Kidz from hell play. A man with brim hat goes in for a beer. His face seems to have bandages. A woman with a strange pair of glasses, a one piece set, stops a young long haired man from drinking a drink with the bandaged faced man, who put some kind of potion in the cup. The long haired man cut his hand. The bandaged face and the woman face off, the woman with a knife. She cuts across him. He says, "Damn you to hell." She says, "Too late." The long hair tries to stop the woman but she knees him. A man dressed in a Viking helmet (a band member?) asks if he is alright, using "dude." DEMONS OF ANTIQUITY: The monster man has on a bottom of a jacket or something and great muscles. This is three times the woman has stopped him. For centuries he has gone on, feeding, changing, no one knew. But the slut plagues him. He hates all mortals. A gang member with a rag on his head hanging down points at him--this is Cripp turf. "You no blood?" The man says, "Blood, did you say blood?" The gang teen pulls a knife. He calls them humans and with his hand rips the face off the rag head, burning part of the front of the face. "I will let your friend dribble a bit while I work on you." He torments the other one, "Fear me, child. That's what I love. Fear me!" The long hair, Mike, runs after the girl. The drink she stopped him from drinking would have made him dead. She tells him, "Go home and live your life. My life ended a long time ago." She tells him if he follows her, he will be sorry. "You're not fixin to blast me in the noodles again, are you?" She won't stop him but he will see things he will wish you never did. He will take his chances. She calls him Mr. Macho, "I'm so thrilled." They go to a funeral home where the door is unlocked. The thing will want embalming chemicals for his potion. Some things have not changed since the pharaohs. In the lab they find decaying bodies and overturned coffins, parts of the bodies have intestines and bones sticking out. One has a tongue coming out. She tells Mike to get used to it. He wanted to come along. The mummy is working on his formula. He has to act soon...he is already falling apart and is overdue. By this time tomorrow, he will be a new man. Morning in motel: Mike wakes up naked with the woman, Catherine whose name he just finds out. Next month will be a year that Catherine is hunting this thing...he killed her fiance. Mike says, "I'm sorry." She is over the pain. The monster needs a new host body once a month. He steals stuff from funeral homes and makes a potion, hypnotizes his victims first, then slips them the drug. The body's switch--the monster in the good one and the poor slob in a rotting corpse. She showers while talking to Mike about all this. He feeds on fear and preys on homeless people. A man with a cross ear ring will sit down and have a drink with the mummy man that night. They drink. The mummy man shoots the Oriental waitress in the neck. The mummy switches into the man. The man goes into the mummified decaying body. A bald man with a patch over his eye and a tank top shoots the mummy body, killing the poor victim, shooting out his stomach and intestines. Drool comes out his mouth. The bald man says, "Got the bastard!!" The new body has a punk hair cut, a shoulder pad, a spiked belt, and walks out, "Call the cops, someone." The mummy body leans over, dying (this is really the punk rock guy). The mummy in the new body walks out of the Snot Club, "Ah.
  The Mummy's Curse #2 (plot)
Aircel, Dec 1990, b&w.
  AM 4-2 cover Plot: Barry Blair
Script and Art: Jim Somerville Coloring: Scott Bieser
BELLY OF THE BEAST: Cathy tells Mike if he can't keep up, he doesn't have to follow. Mike asks what has her on the rag. She points to three dead bodies found by police. They go to an alley where Cathy realizes there is someone hiding. It is an old man, a bum. He tells her what happened. A cop questions a subway token taker. He describes the man who dove into the tunnel (the glass the taker is behind has bullet holes in it from previous hold ups). Cathy and Mike overhear. Cathy jumps down the tracks. Mike follows her. She warns him about the 3rd rail and tells him to try and not step on it. Roger leads John, both cops, after them. He can't see her in an alcove and tells her so. "That's the idea, numb nuts," she mocks him. "Oh," he answers. The cops use a lighter to find out who is moaning. They find a torn apart group of bodies with guts runnin' down the walls. One with a head band is alive but has a pipe or pole sticking into his lower stomach, bare under an open vest. The mummy jumps out at them, sticks John in the arm with a needle, grabs their guns and shoots Roger. The mummy wants the other cop, John, alive and healthy. The cop asks what he is and the mummy says, "Your future." Cathy fires a gun which knocks the cop's gun out of the mummy's hand. It gets away. John covers Cathy who calls him "Pus-nuts." The bums who live down in the subways for years are there, seemingly decayed but alive, "The master has left us food!!" John and Cathy fire at them but are out of ammo. Cathy cradles the head of the dying and soon to be dead Roger, "Shit! Shit!!" John is so sorry that they have to leave him. Roger calls, "No, John. Please, you can't just leave me, not to them!!" They run down a maintenance tunnel and hear his screams. That thing stuck John with a needle. The trio hide behind a grating. The ghouls come and start to break in. They start to pull at Mike. John has been hypo stuck with the transformation elixir. As he runs off, the mummy body is now inhabited by John the cop! John, as the punk, now decaying, in the former body of the mummy, frees Mike, and will hold off the ghouls, telling Cathy and Mike to find that bastard and kill him. He yells at them to go. They run and hear his screams.
  The Mummy's Curse #3 (plot)
Aircel, Jan 1991, b&w.
  AM 4-3 cover Plot: Barry Blair
Script, Art, Cover Illustration: Jim Somerville Logo Design: Ken Leach
A GOOD TIME TO DIE!-Cathy snaps at Mike but tells him she is sorry. Her lover was a lot like Mike. Subway 4, 6, 5 is near the place the mummy is. There have been a series of murders in this area. The month is up so the mummy will have to take a new body soon. Mike has a gun. The mummy can feel the slut and her helper out there. He knows they won't take any chances and says, "Neither (yes, incorrect spelling and all) will I." He calls forth minions to help him. The clawed zombie men come out, saying, "Kill!" over and over. Mike fires a head off one but this doesn't stop them. Mike has to reload so the pair run. The mummy comes up, "The hunt is on." At Killer's Kafe, the mummy is sitting with a man in a tank top which says, "Bone-Head," and wearing an eye patch on his left eye and with a punk hairstyle, cut down the middle like a Mohican and no hair on the sides. He also wears a spiked bracelet. The guy is trying to be nice, "We're all in this together, ya know." He figgered the man has some sickness. Mike shoots the "shit heads" as he calls the zombies. He kills all of them and tells Cathy to come out now. The punk guy comes back from the bathroom and drinks his drink. Mike and Cathy see this happening and run in. Inside a man with a Zorro hat looks at them as a girl screams that the new man (Mike) has a gun. The crowd gets in Mike's way. A punk bar tender in tank top and muscles tells Irving to call the cops. Behind them are signs (Barf Beer, Big Butt Booze!, Drink Drink, Bug Eye Beer!). The mummy tells the guy to relax and breathe with him, let go of his mind. Drift. Mike yells, "Screw that shit!!" He shoots but the punk guy's head is hit and his brains scatter out along with the right side of his face. Mike gets close to the mummy and points a gun, "Now it's your turn, ugly." The mummy takes out a knife and sticks it deep into Mike's stomach. Mike says, "Shit!" Cathy points a gun at the mummy but he jumps out a window. Cathy helps Mike out before the cops arrive. The mummy needs a body within a few hours or he will perish. He swears to kill the girl Cathy for this.
  The Mummy's Curse #4 (plot)
Aircel, Feb 1991, b&w.
  AM 4-4 cover CRUEL MAN'S SAVIOR: Cathy helps Mike who thinks he needs a priest. He is losing blood and tells her, "Yeah, he carved my guts up real good." He looks at the hole in his stomach. Mike has a grenade and asks her to leave him a gun. She has to call 911. The mummy plots to switch and then Cathy. When she goes, the mummy rips the bars off a gate to the park, "Mikey!!" Mike tells him, "Piss off dick head." The mummy comes in, "I'd love to Mikey but you have something I want. Your body!" Mike's wounds will mend by simply drinking the elixir. Mike grabs it and drinks it. The mummy yells, "Now you're mine!!" Mike says, "Yeah, right." He shoots the mummy down. Cathy hears gunshots and knows it is Mike. The mummy sits up, "Oh, that hurts." Mike says, "Shit!" Mike resists the mummy's hypnotising him ("You're a fighter," it tells Mike, "I like that."). Mike shoots the top of the mummy's face off. The jaw says, "That I'm not too crazy about." Mikey and the mummy seem to be in both bodies at the same time. Mike takes out the pin from the grenade. Mike's stomach blows up. Mike, mummy mouth, says, "Goodbye, Cathy. I love you." Cathy has found Mike's upper body, intestines and backbone and spine sticking out. The mummy lies in a pool of gore, too. Mike's body is now inhabited by the mummy who grabs Cathy's leg, "Bitch!!!" She kicks the face. It throws her and drags itself on top of her, Mike' upper body now faces her. She kicks it over herself. She runs into a grounds shack. It follows, telling her she cannot hide. She tears out of the shack in a ground's jeep and runs him over a few times. Then she gets gas and pours it over the remains, "Screw you, asshole." She throws a match. The shack and jeep along with the mummy in Mike's upper torso, blows up into a raging inferno. The skeletal remains of Mike's upper torso--the mummy--crawls out, calling her a bitch again, and giving her the middle finger sign. It turns into a raging inferno and falls into a square hold into water. THE END?
  Robotech II The Sentinels: Cyberpirates #2 (covert art)
Eternity, Apr 1991, b&w.
  AM 5-1 cover  
  Robotech II The Sentinels: Cyberpirates #3 (covert art)
Eternity, May 1991, b&w.
  AM 5-2 cover  
  Robotech II The Sentinels: Cyberpirates #4 (covert art)
Eternity, Jul 1991, b&w.
  AM 5-3 cover  

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