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Barry Blair's 1999 news
1999/12/14 SyCoNet.com Acquires License of Elflord Series. Read press release.
1999/11/20 Legend of the Elford CDs available!! Visit Barry's Official Site
1999/09/14 Pre-orders forLegend of the Elford CDs to be issued at BGinfo@yellowdog.zzn.com
1999/08/29 Midknight Quest first issues to be published by december in Europe.
1999/07/25 Rumors are of another series following the Lynx issue.
1999/05/27 Legend of the Elford CDs to be available pretty soon.
1999/05/08 Legend of the Elford CDs are being achieved, first one is almost done.
1999/05/01 Rumors are of Barry and Chan illustrating a new story, which may be published on the web quite soon.

This site 1999 news
1999/11/20 Included a counter into the first page :)
A few more scans (Dragons in the Moon), and a new page for the forecoming Elflord Online
1999/09/30 A few more scans.
1999/09/22 Most of the Leather&Lace cover scans, and some Vampyre's Kiss, by Cassauwers
1999/09/09 Most of the Warlock 5 cover scans, by Cassauwers.
1999/08/29 The last Samurai cover scans, Night Wynd issues. This series almost complete now, but no abstracts as I don't have the comics.
1999/08/15 A lot more cover scans of Aircel's Samurai, thanks to Cassauwers
1999/08/10 Some more cover scans for Samurai.. Born to Kill and China Sea abstracts uploaded.
1999/08/05 Uploaded a lot more pictures and abstracts. Demongate, Demon Hunter, Blitz, a few Sapphire and Leather&Lace, all Kimura and Serpentyne. Stratonaut is done, too.
199/07/25 GREAT THANKS to Charles Mento for his extensive synopsis of almost ALL BB's comics. I shall build a CD version of this site, with real-size cover scans and his synopsis.
1999/06/20 Uploaded Sirius' Warlock5 series, complete with abstracts. Also Elflord Chronicles #1 , Dark Island #2 and Dragons in the Moon #1.The two Sirius' trading cards are there now, too.
1999/05/27 Uploaded all Elfquest-related pictures. Updated all the html pages to reflect some copyright considerations.
Team Nippon page is fully done.
1999/05/23 Uploaded most of the pictures we could do. Up to you to help for the others.
1999/05/20 First uploading. All informative pages are there, a lot of abstracts are missing.

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