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Interested with the art offered on eBay? No time to browse the weekly 40 pages (on average)?
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: as long as the "Spring Cleaning" auctions will go, I shall have to upload an update by Monday!


Barry Blair's late news
2003/05/11 Lots of events since the last time I cared filling the news... Must say I have NO news before they are available on the Web :(
If you want them first hand, go there.
2002/07/27 Barry Blair and friends are heading for Boston for a Everquest Game Convention on Sunday August 4th. Go support them!
2002/07 Sapphire #2 GN is completed, and should be out some day.
2002/07 The erotic Elflord CD is "near completion".Availability still unknown.
2002/05/12 Still no news of the Erotic Elflord
2002/04 New "commercial" Barry site:
2002/04/10 Barry Blair and friends will be at the Wizard World East Comic Convention in Philadelphia PA on May 10,11,12. They will be set up at the PhantasyWorkshop booth. They will be doing sketches, signing autographs, selling pages, and meeting tons of fans!
2002/04/07 Life goes on. Barry's official site to be relooked some day soon. E-mail address have been changed, in an attempt to get rid of AOL malfunction.
Still LOTS of nice stuff offered on eBay.
Sapphire publication is ongoing within Sizzle's pages. Too bad the printing quality is extremely poor.
The Erotic Elflord should be out somewhere this month.Considering the art sold on eBay, it should be graphically very nice, and have a sound plot, and a lot of characters.
After various attempts, look and clothing seem to be set.
2002/03/30 Some convergence between the Camelot look of Windy (handing a staff with a long crystal) and the Erotic Elflord. Same staff, but different dressing.

This site late news
2003/05/11 GREAT NEWS for collectors: I have come across a TOTALLY UNKNOWN issue including some very early works from Barry Blair. It is an anthology, named From the Void.
2003/04/22 There have been some minute updates here and there. Nothing critical. My collection is almost complete, and it is increasingly difficult to find the missing issues.
2002/10/06 More series completed to the new format:
Leather & Lace, Kimura, Serpentyne and latest Samurai, Vampyre's Kiss, Blood N' Guts, Body Count, Climaxxx, Demon Hunter, Dragons in the Moon, Gun Fury, Hardkorr, Jake Thrash, Nocturne, Pendragon, Friendly Comics, even if some of the individual pages are not complete (see the Map page)
2002/10/01 More stills out of the NEW TTT TRAILER
2002/07/30 Added a mail form page, which will let you drop comments -anonymously if you chose so-
2002/05/12 series redone to the new format: Warlock 5, Warlocks, Elfquest: Darkness Rising, Elfquest: New Blood, Elfquest: Fire-Eye, and Elfquest: Other
2002/05/11 Beginning today, every Friday will see a new Reference Page available, summarizing the pieces auctioned on eBay.
I should be able to update this every week!
2002/04/14 Some more series redone to the new format: Foxfire, Ripper, and Stardusters.
2002/04/07 Well, it has been a sound time I could not update these pages. Sorry. Busy working, and it is more and more difficult to find the missing comics.
This Sunday was rainy, and I could not go gardening, so I went back to the "Cat".
Updated some stuff around, mainly Children of the Night, China Sea, and Demongate to the new format, and put Dark Island larger scans and descriptions.
2002/04/05 Nigthwynd Elflord #1 and #2 offered on eBay. ORIGINAL FIRST Elflord Edition.

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