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Barry Blair's late news
2000/12/17 Mmm, it looks like Damocles, a new series, is maturing. "Modern" heroic fantasy. Characters are Hawk, Windy and Purebreeze. Windy looks of today's young teen, with skateboard and all. Hawk looks a bit older and meaner than in the Return of the King series. Purebreeze is alike, but more georgeous. All are more realistic.
2000/12/17 A LOT of BB's drawings for sale at auction at eBay. Too bad they won't ship out of the States.
2000/12/17 Looks like Midknight Quest issue will be the only one :-(( Probably not enough sex inside to attract European readersÍ
2000/03/19 First Midknight Quest album to be released on CD.
Elflord Online renamed ELFLORE Online
2000/02/17 FIRST SNO (aka Midknight Quest) ALBUM published in French by Éditions Paquet. European size, hardcover, deluxe paper.

This site late news
2000/12/18 The Bespectacled Cat moved to
Plans are to add mirrors from the Faerie Childe and The Elflord Pages sites, no longer fully reachable.
Other plan is to add a link for EVERY comic cover to a page exhaustively describing the plot and a larger scan. All the scans and texts are ready, 'just' have to find a way to generate the 500+ individual pagesÍ
2000/12/17 Well, it has been a LONG time I couldn't update this site. First I was (and still am) very busy, second, it is growing increasingly difficult to get more BB's collector stuff, and third, the account has been closed and moved to another one.
2000/04/17 A few more abstracts: Blitz (done) and DragonsInTheMoon (just issue 4 missing)
2000/04/10 More abstracts added. Adventurers, BodyCount, ChinaSea (done), DemonHunter (done), GunFury, Stargate, Strastone
2000/04/03 39 scans (mainly Samurai done anew): 1 DragonRing, 1 GunFury, 2 NewBlood, 1 Adventurers, 1 Icarus, 1 StarkFuture, 2 StarGate, 26 Samurai, 2 Warlock5, 2 Tsunami.
2000/03/30 Night Wynd trilogy part 1 finished, and part 2 too.
2000/03/19 33 more scans (including a few done again): 2 BodyCount, 2 Blitz, 1 ChinaSea, 4 Climaxxx, 1 DemonHunter, 1 DarkIsland, 1 Dragons in the Moon, 1 Elflord, 2 Logan's Run, Leather&Lace, 1 Starstone, 3 Ripper, 5 Warlocks.
2000/03/12 Some more abstracts in the Night Wynd trilogy part 1, which is almost finished. A page added for the SNO series.

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