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Barry Blair's late news
2001/11 Lots of stuff being done for the Camelot and RPG games. Various interest. Mostly sanitized.
2001/10 Sapphire NMB published. Other projects are in store, including an EroticElflord.
2001/08 Forest Hearts to be published in the States this month, under Sapphire name
2001/06 MoonWynde site closed, for "too much work"
2001/05/03 Still a LOT of interesting and marvelous art being sold on eBay, including more unpublished Elflord series.
2001/04/20 The EverQuest comic continues!
2001/01/25 Of the five 'Lost Elflord' pages on auction at eBay, only the first one was coloured. Some fan decided to add colours to the four trailing pages, and Barry was forgetful enough to approve the job. If you want them (page 2 is 3/4th done), ask me (and have your credit card # ready :-))
2001/01/11 Barry Blair and Colin Chan are proposing on-demand custom art, at their new site: MoonWynde.
2001/01/03 The EverQuest comic is displayed on their site since some time. Large scans, very nice drawings. Interesting plot. Issue #1 is almost complete, but I don't know if it will be published. So far, it was mostly settling the background and introducing the characters, but again, VERY nice.
Prince Sno and Bubba are showing in a corner of page 7 :-)
2001/01/03 There is an "upcoming Sapphire series," reportedly to be published in England. Only other info is the title "Forest Hearts".

This site late news
2001/10/02 Stark:Future has been updated with a lot of scans and a few comments.
2001/09 The DragonRing, DragonFire and DragonForce pages updated to the new format, with almost all scans and synopsis.
2001/09/10 More series updated to new format: Sapphire and Dragons in the Moon.
Various updates in the Nightwynd and Aircel vol. 1 Samurai series.
2001/08/31 Latest Elford issues page completed to the new format. Added a scan of Davdez' LoTE T-shirt.
2001/07/28 Some more scans around (Jake Thrash, The Power, Stark:Future, Icarus,) and a new complete series, Logan's Run.
2001/05/03 Small updates here and there. I got a LOT of issues, but don't have time to update the site :-(
Anyway, just updated Blood N' Guts and Blitz, which are fully done, in large size.
2001/03/18 The "Cat" has been revised faster than this page, with two main evolutions:
1) Clicking a link on the MAP page no longer closes that page. Much easier to browse the site.
2) The series' pages are progressively replaced. Instead of a large page with all thumbnails and a few text, design is being swapped to a thumbnail-only page, each of which opens a one-issue only page, with a larger scan of the cover, an exhaustive synopsis, and (not everywhere) a review of the issue.
First series being done are:
Elflord 1 Nightwynd
Elflord Aircel vol.1
Elflord Aircel vol. 2
Samurai Nightwynd
Samurai Aircel vol. 1
2001/02/12 More reviews for the Warlocks page, and an unpublished Elfheim cover.
2001/02/07 More reviews for the DragonRing page, and a cover scan of Warlocks#1.
2001/02/05 A few more cover scans from various sources: unpublished Elflord, Elflore & DragonFire; SwimSuit #1.
2001/01/28 Completed Body Count. Added a single letter left to every relevant cover scan.
's' means I just got a scan of the cover.
'S' means a whole scanned issue.
'R' means a reprint, not the real issue.
'L' is a laser copy
'P' means I have a b&w photocopy of the whole issue
a digit (1 to ) shows the number of REAL issues I have.
2001/01/11 Fixed some bugs that prevented some pictures to show (Team Nippon and a few others). Added Ripper#5 cover.
2001/01/09 A few more covers, coming from the same eBay page: Gun Fury #1&2, Dragonforce #8, and Ghouls.
2001/01/03 A few more covers, (Kiku San #3, Warlocks #1 Special Edition, Gun Fury #3) coming from the previews pictures displayed on Sanmania's page.
From the same source, a few pages from an unpublished Sapphire series.

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