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This site is devoted to Barry BLAIR's works.
Here you will find an extensive list of ANY comics he drew, inspired or published, along with a small picture of the cover
and a résumé of the story.

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The informative pages follow the classification and order of the
King of the Elves"
reference book from Glen Hammonds and Bill Yakey.

You are strongly encouraged to visit this site and order this book which will bring every details a true fan needs.

The "Site MAP" page is intended to offer a convenient way to navigate the site.

Barry Blair's works spread over time, civilizations and myths:

Heroic-fantasy Various Elflord series and related titles: Elfheim, Elflore, Sapphire, Hawk&Windblade, Legend of the Elflord, Lynx...
Gothic horror and vampires Children of the Night, Vampyre's Kiss...
Science-Fiction Stardusters, Stratonaut, Jake Thrash...
Sociological fiction Warlock 5, Warlocks, Hardkorr, Greenlock
Today's world adventures Samurai, China Sea...
Magic and demons Demongate, Dragonring, Demon Hunter.
Adult stuff Sapphire, Climaxxx, Vampyre's kiss...